Friday, September 14, 2012

Susan Ohanian with lots of Chicago links

Do NOT miss the rap Chicago Teacher. It is Good News.

Lots more.


Closing The Expectations Gap: States Make Strides To Implement College- And Career-Ready Policies
No Author
Huffington Post

This is a press release from Achieve traveling as a news item. This sort of thing is why I no longer write for Huffington.

All public high school juniors would take ACT in 2014-15 under Evers proposal
Matthew DeFour
Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin politicos propose plan to increase testing under the name of college and career readiness.

Common Core Thrusts Librarians Into Leadership Role
Catherine Gewertz
Education Week

The president-elect of the American Library Association loves the Common Core.

Chicago School Strike is Against Obama 'Race To The Top' Agenda of School Privatization and Corporate Education Reform
Bruce A. Dixon


This is, by far, the best commentary on the Chicago strike.

How Much Do Teacher Strikes Hurt Kids?
Doug Henwood


Doug Henwood concludes, 'The CTU's strike, led by a vigorous reform leadership, is quite explicitly about lots more than the wages and working conditions of teachers. It's about fighting the privatization and union-busting agenda of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel--which he shares with other big-city mayors like Michael Bloomberg, as well as his comrade Barack Obama.'

Teacher Evaluation Dispute Echoes Beyond Chicago
All Things Considered
National Public Radio

This was a really really irritating story that purported to be about the heart of the Chicago teacher strike. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

 Tennessee's K12, Inc. Virtual School Receives Lowest Score Possible and $16,000,000 a Year to Pay for It
Jim Horn
Schools Matter

K12 is failing in Tennessee but not many people seem to pay any attention.

Great Hearts ends push for Nashville charter school
Joey Garrison
The City Paper

The Nashville school board defied the mayor and the state commissioner of ed and refused to authorize Great Hearts Academies authorization as a charter school.

2012 McGraw Prize in Education Winners Named; 25th Anniversary Honors Education 'Game Changers'
Press Release

If you can stand it, here's some puffery surrounding the current winners of the McGraw Prize.

School libraries hit hard by budget cuts
Neal J. Riley
San Francisco Chronicle

Californians want libraries but they don't want to pay for them.

Analysis: Striking Chicago teachers take on national education reform
Stephanie Simon and James B. Kelleher

A much better analysis than what most mainstream media have provided.

Director of Private School Where Rahm Sends His Kids Opposes Using Testing for Teacher Evaluations
Mike Elk
In These Times

Chicago Teacher Union president wants all Chicago kids to have the kind of education afforded to the mayor's children.

Chicago Teacher
Rebel Diaz

Rapper Rebel Diaz understands and articulates the issues of the Chicago teacher strike far better than most media.

 Flash mob against No Child Left Behind
John Young

Yes, it's good news when people oppose NCLB, but Texas--and everybody else--had better read that small print in the waiver very very carefully.
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