Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Susan Ohanian Smashes the Common Core -- and more

Labor Day is the perfect day to send your support to the Chicago Teachers Union. I just sent mine. I hope you send yours.

We have a new cartoon. The title is 'LearnZillion's Gift of Free Common Core Lessons.' but it applies to most things of Common Core ilk.

We also have a new Eggplant. See below.

I hope you will heed the plea below to contribute to Interversity. Eric at Interversity designed this site and when there's a glitch I can cry for help and get it immediately. Please help Interversity keep this site operating.

I went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant and a mother and daughter were doing what they do every year: celebrating the first day of school. So of course, once I overheard this, I had to go over and offer my good wishes to complete strangers. The daughter is a 7th grader and we people associated with 7th grade have to stick together.


Intrusive to the core: Feds overreach on ed standards
 Charles Chieppo and Jamie Gass
Boston Herald

Here's conservative opposition to the Common Core. Ohanian provides more info on conservative opposition and issues a challenge.

STOP Common Core
education new york online


Here is a list of opponents, by state, of Common Core. Help it grow.

I Wandered Lonely as a Teacher
Susan Ohanian, with Bill Gates Tweet


The Bill and Melinda Gates funds another project. And this one is pathetic. But Bill has been sending out Tweets about how good it is.

Publishers Gear Up for The Common Core
Susan Ohanian

Here's an update on what's being offered to teachers so they can deliver the Common Core--from National School Supply and Furniture to Bill Daggett.

 Adam Wheeler Went to Harvard
Jim Newell


Someone who lies a lot gets a year in jail for saying--truthfully--that he attended Harvard.

This article reveals a lot about Harvard. The author lists a few things that Harvard should be ashamed of. He should have put their graduate school of education on the list.

Back to School: A message to high school students who hate high school; Here is why you hate it
Roger C. Schank
Education Outrage

Roger Schank believes that 'every single subject taught in high school is a mistake.'

J. C. Penney Invites Customers to Join Its Support of Teach for America
J. C. Penney
Press Release

J. C. Penney invites customers to contribute to Teach for America.

Contribute to the CTU Solidarity Fund
Solidarity Fund
Chicago Teachers Union

Show your support to Chicago teachers.

Contribute to the Resistance
Susan Ohanian

Interversity needs your help. Why should you care? For starters, the survival of this site depends on Interversity.

STOP Common Core
education new york online


Here's the start of a list of opponents to the Common Core. It is listed by state.

 U. S. Department of Re-Education Ask Bill Division Releases Hegemony Yoke
Susan Ohanian
The Eggplant

US DOE Ask Bill issues guidelines for Teacher Relocation Plan
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