Sunday, April 17, 2011

Insanity in Kansas City

Our supt is trying to fire 115 probationary teachers and hire 150 Teach for America interns to replace them. The union turned out in force tonight at the board meeting. The teachers who had received termination notices wore name tags identifying them as pink slipped teachers and they stood in the lobby of the board building as the board members walked by on their way to the board meeting. They had to walk by the teachers they were being asked to fire. It was a powerful visual!

Our local president, Andrea Flinders, gave a wonderful speech at the board meeting, telling the board we as a union didn't want to see any good teachers fired. “We as a union are going to hold you accountable that not one single effective teacher is terminated this year,” Flinders said.

And the union members, in their blue AFT shirts, packed the meeting. There were no empty seats and teachers stood in the aisles.

When Andrea finished talking, the looks on the board members faces were absolutely priceless. It was a great solidarity moment.

I talked to a reporter at the board meeting tonight who told me that the TFA contract grants $3000 per TFA intern to TFA - a $450,000 finders fee?

Local media coverage:,0,5535485.story


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