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Breaking News: NYS Education Tenure Laws Shake Down! Educators Needed to Fight Back!

Counteracting Attempts to Obstruct Statutory Tenure Laws for Educators


New York State: Covert, Organized, and Criminal Effort to Obstruct Education Statutory Tenure Laws

Counteracting Attempts to Obstruct Statutory Tenure Laws for Educators

Do people understand how important and why statutory tenure laws were created? The purpose of this article is to combat current New York Sate laws and propaganda suggesting need for the obstruction of statutory education tenure laws. Legislative tenure law issues are critical subjects of concern in the education community, particularly in New York State and New Jersey.
Foremost, the very basic purpose of tenure is to protect qualified and experienced educators from enforced yielding to political pressures and to guarantee employment regardless of the vicissitudes of politics. Tenure was created so educators would not become footballs bounced around when the political tide changes. Every attempt to uproot established statutory tenure laws is an attempt to seize education for covert destruction. It is an attempt to retard civilization.
Tenure laws were enacted to provide job security for experienced educators. These laws were created to make sure experienced and qualified teachers were not discharged for insufficient and inadequate reasons.
One of the most important objectives of tenure is the maintenance of an able teaching force who have undergone a period of probation, with the concomitant result that because of such protections, more talented persons will be attracted to the teaching profession. This was determined in the matter of State v. Redman, 491 P2d 157 and this is the matter that is relevant today.
The obstruction of statutory tenure laws advances the hiring of unqualified persons under the scheme of critical shortages. Education shortages are created via the obstruction of statutory tenure laws which deliberately and maliciously effectuate the extermination of qualified and competent educators.
The purpose of tenure laws is for the safe guarding of schools as well as educators. Tenure laws are continuing contracts. As such, continuing contracts eliminate uncertainty in the employment plans of both teacher and school district. The continuing contract minimizes havoc, makes provisions for new teacher recruitment and training funding to be used for school based developments, and allows an experienced and respected staff the opportunity to prepare and focus on student achievement.
Educator’s general relationships with school boards, not mayors, are created by contract and governed by general principles of contract law. Criminals who suggest dismantling tenure laws are obstructing the very basis of contract laws.
In an article titled: Cuomo to propose statewide LIFO reform bill, the below excerpt is found:
Last year as part of “Race to the Top,” legislation was passed to overhaul the existing teacher and principal evaluation system. As a result of the legislation, a State Education Department task force is in the process of developing new teacher evaluation guidelines that includes merit and other factors in time for the 2011-2012 school year. However, the original law only covers math and English language arts teachers in grades 4-8, and would not expand to all subjects and grades until 2012-2013.
Based on this excerpt, one can see that the: “ Race to the Top Scam,” is being used to obstruct statutory tenure laws, under the disguise of overhauling teacher and principal evaluation systems. The Race to the Top scam was funneled in education initially as a funding source. Now it has changed into legislation and it is this criminal legislation that is paving and leading the way for statutory tenure obstructions.
The Race to the Top grant is being used like vaccination grants were used in schools previously. They came into the schools as a funding source and by the time the grant was allocated, the schools became controlled and ruled by vaccination grants. The grants ran the schools. The schools were turned into human research prisons. Infectious disease epidemics were infinite, particularly in high schools. The schools were run by eugenic, unregulated, human research laboratory programmers.
The Race to the Top grant that criminally turned into legislation as noted on the above excerpt is maliciously and covertly being used to destroy statutory tenure laws nationwide. It is being used to destroy every facet of a valid educator employment contract.
In the matter of Snider v. Kit Carson School District in Cheyenne County, it was clearly established that the power to employ or discharge educators is exclusively vested in the school board and cannot be delegated to any other body of official, such as a school superintendent, mayor or governor.
It was further determined that in order to have a valid teacher employment contract, the school board must act as a board and not as individuals. It is a diabolical plan and crime, to use the Race to the Top funds, as fictional administration legislation, directly involved with destroying statutory tenure laws nationwide, under the disguise of overhauling the existing teacher and principal evaluation system. The Race to the Top funds are being criminally used to enjoin governors as third party entities, in the criminal overhaul of statutory tenure.
People who read must hold leaders accountable for reading and mandate that they implement and enforce current established statutory tenure laws that advance progression. The obstruction of the rule of law management must be stopped.
The use of public education for covert psychological warfare programming must be made to stop. This includes ending the criminal enjoinment of Governor’s in the agenda to destroy education via use of Race to the Top scams targeted at criminally exterminating qualified and experienced educators.
It must be understood that the educator’s general relationships with school boards are created by contract and governed by general principles of contract laws, and not the whims of politics. The obstruction of statutory tenure laws is a crime under 18 USC Sec 371 Conspiracy to Offend and Defraud the United States.
Finally, in a civilized society the three branches of government must work amicably on behalf of public policy and safety. The people must never allow the pitting of the executive branch against the legislative branch as exemplified in this matter. Statutory tenure is a legal, needed, and protective legislative establishment.
The use of the executive branch, specifically, the use of governors as fronts to destroy the legislative establishment called tenure, is a diabolical plan for destruction. Let us counteract attempts to obstruct statutory tenure laws by reading, aligning and not destroying, the three branches of government, and enforcing established and needed statutory education tenure laws that advance civilization.
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