Monday, November 15, 2010

Gotham Gazette News Links on Black

News about Education:

Links to web sites, articles or reports that illuminate the most recent Education news.
Union Chef Says Mayor Abused Power in Appointing Black (Daily News, Nov 15, 2010)
With Massive Expansion Planned, Will NYU Eat NYC? (New York Magazine, Nov 15, 2010)
Head of Council Education Committee Opposes Black (NY Times, Nov 15, 2010)
Education Commissioner Not Consulted on Chancellor Choice (Daily News, Nov 14, 2010)
Case for Waiver for Black Look Weaker Than It Was for Klein (NY Times, Nov 14, 2010)
A Look at Black's Business Career (Daily News, Nov 14, 2010)
Teacher Union Money Shows How Independent Expenditures Could Affect State Politics. (Wall Street Journal, Nov 14, 2010)
Black to Quit Corporate Boards (NY Times, Nov 13, 2010)
Battle Lines Form for Black (Wall Street Journal, Nov 12, 2010)
Big School Problems Await New Chancellor (NY Times, Nov 12, 2010)
For Pick to Lead Schools, One Man Left to Persuade (NY Times, Nov 12, 2010)
Two City Education Veterans Step Down (Daily News, Nov 12, 2010)
New Schools Chief's Book Provides Some Background (Associated Press, Nov 11, 2010)
Bloomberg Took Secret Path to a New Schools Chief (NY Times, Nov 11, 2010)
Klein Resigns to Join News Corp. (Wall Street Journal, Nov 10, 2010)
Archdiocese to Close 32 Schools (NY Times, Nov 10, 2010)
Klein Lost Confidence of Many Parents, Teachers (Daily News, Nov 10, 2010)
Klein Resignation Shocks Education World (NY Post, Nov 10, 2010)
For Better or Worse, Klein Changed City Schools (NY Times, Nov 10, 2010)
State Education Department Will Need to Approve Black (City Hall, Nov 10,

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