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The Interlocking Directorate: Girls Prep charter revision application to contract with Public Preparatory Network

There's lots of info flowing in about the Girls Prep operation. I won't do any sifting or analysis but am throwing it up here for perusal. Thanks to the amazing group of parent activists out there who are doing this work.

Girls Prep charter revision application to contract with Public Preparatory Network, Inc. (“Public Prep”), for the rest of its term.

According to ,
Public Prep is a recently formed not-for-profit charter management organization that was launched by former staff and board members of the Girls Preparatory schools.

The chair of Girls Prep is Sarah Robertson, wife if Spencer of PAVE fame in Redhook's PS 15 and Eric Grannis, husband of Eva Moskowitz, is also on the board.

Also on board: R Boykin Curry, the 4th, ---profiled in the NYT hedge fund piece.
Bryan Lawrence is another. Check Daniel Squadron campaign contributions to see how they buy their own personal politicians.

Suny fiscal dashboard shows Girls Prep has moved into dangerous territory fiscally speaking; see

Mr. Joel Klein, Chancellor
New York City Public Schools
Tweed Hall
52 Chambers Street
New York, New York 10007

Dear Chancellor Klein:

This letter is to inform you that the Board of Regents has received several proposed charter revisions from the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York. They are in the enclosed chart. The New York City School District has the right to comment to the Board of Regents on the proposed charter revisions. All such comments should be submitted to the NYSED Charter School Office no later than June 23, 2010, so that they may be carefully considered by the Board of Regents. If you have any questions, please contact the Charter School Office at the New York State Education Department at (518) 4741762.

Sally Bachofer
cc: Superintendent(s) of public schools within county
Principal(s)/head(s) of nonpublic
schools within county
Michael Duffy
Jonas Chartock

June 15, 2010

Charter revisions:

Girls Preparatory Charter School of East Harlem Revision #2
NYC Dist #8 390 K5
08/24/2009 08/
23/2014 has asked to
· Contract with Public Preparatory Network, Inc. for substantial management services for the remainder of the School’s charter term

Girls Preparatory Charter School of New York
NYC Dist #1 248 K5
03/22/2004 03/21/2009
· Contract with Public Preparatory Network, Inc. for substantial management services for the remainder of the School’s charter term


In the audited financial statement for GPCS for 2008-09 in a NOTE (note B) it is stated that: ... PP manages the operations of the Organization (defined earlier as GPCS and Friends of GP a 501(c) 3) ...

At June 30, 2009 $70, 174 was due from these related parties ...
all amounts are expected to be repaid as cash flow permits.

FOGP address is the same as PS 188 per the 990, per the 990 for 2009.

FOGP supports the school (GPCS) in facility development, recruiting and fund raising

MLR is executive director and Sect of the Bd of trustees of FOGP
in the FOGP 990 filing ML Riccah was paid $99,000( plus $10, 454 in benefit plan contributions ( PART V-A Officer compensation plus on p. 4 there is a mention of $61K in salary I assume also to MLR ( $30,500 for FR and 30,500 for program services.
According to the GPCS annual Report for 2009-09 MLR is "Head of School" and is not a Trustee.

on p. 43 the GPCS exec Dir was paid $43, 333.37 in 2008-09

However according to the SUNY CSI External Evaluation of GPCS of NY, dated Feb 2009 but looking at the 2007-08 school year????,at the 2008 site visit MLR was Secretary of the Bd of Trustees for GPCS..
In July 2007 the new principal Anne Lakritz was hired.
The Exec Dire ( MLR) was the "overall administrator.
She served as the instructional leader from Jan- July 2007 ( the period between when the old principal was fired and the new one was hired.
on p13 of the Ext Eval report MLR reported her role as one of supporting the principal; a one school sup; that holds the mission of the school; has daily meetings w/ the principal.

p, 23 The Bd meets every other month!

In the 7/31/09 renewal application to SUNY the cover sheets lists a management co ( CMO) at it is: PublicPrep ( contact- MLR
on p. it explains that founding principal Nakia Haskins left in the middle of the 2006-07 school year and that MLK was acting Principal.

p. 11 explains how in 2008 the founders of GP established a CMO to oversee the growth of a network of schools 9 GP LES, their "first replication ES", GP Bronx and the proposed MS extension.

PPN will be governed by its own Bd of trustees, led by CEO MLR who will provide extensive support/oversight.

During the next charter MLR will transition form former position as Exec Dir to become CEO of PP.

No changes to 2004 By Laws

PP incorporated in 2008 .. will officially launch in 2009 w/ opening of GP Bronx and proposed MS at GP LES, creating the first complete PP K-8th academy.

PP will open an academy /every 2 years ( = one school/yr) over the next 5 years.
= 6 academies= 3 schools - over 5 years
GP LES 2005
GP LES MS 2009
GP Bronx 2009
BP ES 2011
GB Bronx MS 2013
Future PP academy 2013

according to NYS charter law no more than 40% overlap between CMO/school boards allowed

Chancellor JK has guaranteed leased space at $1/yr.
PP is talking to ONS and exploring leasing Catholic school space.

schools will pay 5-10% of State/Local per pupil revenues to PP ( depending on school maturity)

p. 94 according to School Bd of Trusteed org chart, MLR is a non voting member/Secretary

pp103-104 - weird numbers:

local travel= $4,240.33
Food Hospitality $14,301.12
Recruiting/mktg $53, 626.62
office supplies $19,121.88 ( almost 3 time syr before)
Exec Dire salary- $43, 333. 33 ( last yr= $83, 999.99
NO CMO fee

p. 504
facility related expenses: $30,000 2010-11 ( 5th/6th grades)
$10, 000 201-12 ( 5-7th)
Bonuses for administrators
$223,654 2010=11
$230,364 2012-13
$237, 275 2013-14
(also more $$ for principals/teachers bonuses)

p. 450- agreement PPN/GPCS
p. 435 By Laws 2004
p. 513 CMO org chart

p. 518 job descriptions- one persons job included:
aid in securing space for MS via political leverage and parent activism as necessary
train parent leader s and encourage parent attendance at political events

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A letter dated June 30 was sent to all Girls Prep parents informing them that Miriam Lewis-Raccah, Founder of Girls Prep and CEO of PublicPrep has resigned. Cristina Garcia-Coleman, the Managing Director of Finance and Operations will serve as the Interim CEO while the board conducts a search for a new CEO.