Monday, June 14, 2010

Musings on DC and the USA - Paul Moore

The Kaplan Testing Co. is trying to sell off Newsweek. It is steadily downsizing the print version of the Washington Post and it will disappear from the streets of D.C. in the not too distant future. If WaPo survives into the complete economic collapse that looms ahead of us it will be as some kind of internet shell of its former self.

A lot of former employees of the Post will become jobless and some will even become homeless and that generalized deprivation will push us all toward the disaster that globalization was destined to provide us.

The people who write the silly editorials like this one will be among the last to feel the lash of job loss and personal destruction. But rest assured they will feel it in time.

The same dynamic is at work in this nation's public schools. The system will be destroyed. And there will be a set of morons and lost souls standing on the sidelines cheering right to the end. Yeah, get those teachers!!! Meanwhile those sweet bankers and the folks at BP, why they just made some little mistakes. Rich people are such good and nice people.

Obama's men can rearrange the educational deck chairs on the Titanic anyway he pleases. The iceberg is still dead ahead.

The economy of the United States is now fully devoted to war and no longer has the capacity to maintain a functioning public school system. The District and every state in the Union faces a deepening hole in their budgets. Unemployed people stop paying income taxes. Foreclosed upon people stop paying property taxes. No wealth is created in this country today so there's nothing to tax. Nothing is made in the United States anymore!

Nothing that is except weapons of war. War making is the only "healthy" sector of the US economy left, which is why were staying in Iraq, escalating in Afghanistan, and expanding the fight to Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. But an ability to deliver bombs from drone aircraft on people around the world will not rescue a broken economy.

Duncan's Race to the Top funny money is hot off the FED's printing presses. All the real wealth of this countryt has been turned over to the banks or is devoted to war making and the weapons trade.

Paul A. Moore

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