Monday, June 21, 2010

What Teach for America Spends

From Leonie Haimson:

New book on TFA;

By Barbara Torre Veltri, called Learning on Other People's Kids: Becoming a Teach For America Teacher.

by Teacher Ken here:

An eye-opening statistic:

Veltri provides a table using data from TFA, showing that in 2006-06 the 4,700 corps members were served with an operating budget of $39,500,000, while for 2009-10 the projected figures were 7,300 corps members with an operating budget of $160,000,000. Let's put those numbers on a per capita basis. In 2005-06 the cost per corps member was $8,400, while in 2009-10 it had ballooned to $21,917, or more than half what most teachers in this country make in their first year. I question whether that is money well spent. One thing is for sure; Wendy Kopp is incredibly gifted at raising money.

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