Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ugly Detroit Teacher Contract: Was Randi the handmaiden

1. The Vote No Prepare to Strike Committee meets today at 4 pm at the Gacious Savior Lutheran Church, 19484 James Couzens (Lodge northbound service drive, just north of Seven Mile)

2. The DFT contract vote was 2031 no, 3578 yes.

3. 14 DFT members filed a formal internal grievance with the DFT Election Committee last night, insisting that the committee not certify the results of the vote until they have heard our evidence about the many, many voting irregularities.

4. The Election Committee said that they will give us a date for the hearing. The Election Committee did not vote to certify the elections or issue any statement contradicting their unanimous December 15th letter, in which they insisted that the vote be suspended due to massive irregularities.

5. An appeal letter has been sent to the AFT national union president. Copies were attached to yesterday's email.

6. We are very close to having the 1000 signatures to recall Keith Johnson. The hearing to vote on his recall will be held at the next DFT General Membership meeting, Thursday January 14th after school.--If you have signed petitions call 313.645.9360 for pick up.

7. Bobb has failed in court and failed in Lansing this week to win the legal power over DPS academics, which immediately raises the question as to what authority he had to bargain this contract in the first place, and why in the world Johnson negotiated with him.

Call 313.645.9360 or email for more information about the Vote No Committee

Fight Implementation of this illegitimate contract, in every school and in every classroom!

Recall Johnson! Stop the high-jacking of the DFT!

Defend public education!

Plantora wrote:

Regarding Detroit Teacher's Contract, Thanks for paying attention. I'm a Detroit Teacher, trying to find ways to get our side of the story out. The details of the contract reveal what I heard someone call "the worst contract for teachers every passed by any union". But the last sentence of Weingartartens statement is the most important. "The agreements' education reforms and provisions...are mere words on paper without the continued collaboration between teachers , their union, and the school district". This is one teacher, and there are many more, who will do whatever it takes to prove her right, and keep it no more than words on paper.

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