Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Dump Unity and Save Our Union

School closings and the upcoming UFT elections will be among the topics of discussion. Help change our union and save our jobs. We will meet in room 313 at the High School of Art and Design, 1075 Second Avenue, near East57 Street. Closest subway stop is 59 Street/Lexington Avenue on the 4, 5, 6, N and R. Also nearby, Lexington Avenue stop on the E and V trains. For an agenda, and for any materials that will be discussed there, reply to this email. We hope you will be there.

UFT elections are this winter. We need your help to replace the Unity losers who have gotten us into this mess. Here's how you can help.
• Send money. Make a check out to Teachers for a Just Contract and mail it to TJC, Post Office Box 545, New York, NY 10028
• Collect signatures on our nominating positions. Reply to this email with a street mailing address and we will send you petition forms to collect signatures at your school.
• Run with us. We especially need candidates from Middle Schools and active member Functional Chapters. If you are interested in running, reply to this email.

The January Public Education Panel meeting will be voting on school closings. Pressured by angry UFT members, the union leadership has had no choice but to call for a protest at the meeting site, moved to Brooklyn Technical High School. While other actions, both earlier and after that date, are being planned by rank and file organizations, TJC urges all UFT members to come to this protest, and raise the demand, "No More School Closings!"

Notes from the December Delegate Assembly
The D.O.E. is coming at us like a ton of bricks, closing schools like there's no tomorrow. How is the Unity-UFT leadership responding? Why and how did they get the Public Education Panel meeting moved from Staten Island to Brooklyn? How can Unity-UFT consider a rally at the PEP meeting a great idea, while the idea of a rally at City Hall would be "walking into a trap"? And, finally, has Michael Mulgrew read too much Harry Potter and started to believe in spells and magic words, like "Mismanagement"? To get Marian Swerdlow's notes, reply to this email.

We are now on Facebook with the name Just Contract. Friend us and check out our great pictures of our actions and events, including some of our recent fundraiser in Upper Manhattan.

You have received this email based on our understanding that you gave us your name, school and email address so you could receive meeting notices and other information from Teachers for a Just Contract. If you no longer wish to do so, please send a reply to this email with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line or in the body of the email.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you know why many members will be ambivalent about joining other caucuses and not siding with Unity?

All the UFT district reps are UNITY lackeys and I've heard that they can be very vindicative with those members who go against UNITY.

We need to bring back the election process of district and special reps. Having all these reps being on the UNITY team makes it very difficult for members to be defended against a tyrant principal when you're not a UNITY member.

Think about it.