Sunday, December 06, 2009

UFT Email Cancelling Chapter Leader Meeting for Maxwell Demo

There are some precious words from UFT Special Rep Tony Sclafani

Ladies and Gentlemen: Our Chapters’ Leaders on Wed. is cancelled. See Tony’s message below for the reason. Hope to see you at Maxwell.


Charlie (Friedman)

-----Original Message-----
From: Anthony Sclafani
Sent: Friday, December 04, 2009 4:54 PM
To: Charles Friedman

Also, please note – Wednesday’s Chapter Leader Meeting is cancelled. That’s right. You have to feed yourself on Wednesday, December 9th. Now- the question you are asking is WHY?

The answer has a more serious note to it and I need your help and attention on this one.

As you may know, the staff at Maxwell High School was notified this week that their school was closing. The three of us, Charley, Charlie and I are taking this very seriously, especially Charley Turner since this is his school We are concerned about many things and some of these will affect you and your schools.

First, statistically, Maxwell has been on a steady road to improvement over the past three years. We can prove that.

Second, the grading system that determined this is flawed, as everyone in education agrees.

Third, where will the overflow go? Jefferson Campus? Madison? Wingate Campus? Transit Tech? School for the Classics? Lane Campus? Wherever these students go, it will have an effect on these schools since there is no one being admitted into Maxwell.

Fourth, I believe that this closing is for one reason and one reason only – SPACE. Where else do we put those new Charter Schools? Or better yet, where do we create empty space to justify new Charters somewhere down the road?

Fifth, who’s next on the chopping block? Flawed data, fake reasons, a determined philosophy to close large comprehensive high schools at any cost – all these excuses can be used against anyone of you , even some of the smaller schools.

Let’s invest money and resources into our existing schools and make them better. It can be done.

So ----- instead of a Chapter Leader Meeting, there will be a rally outside Maxwell on Wednesday, December 9th at 4:30 p.m. Please make every effort to attend. Bring as many staff as you can. Let’s make a presence on Pennsylvania Ave. Wednesday that will attract everyone’s attention. Those of you geographically located in Community School District 19 – Jefferson Campus and Classics – please, please, please get your members to be thereon Wednesday.

This is a battle for all of us. This is a global issue that needs our response. Get your heads out of the sand. Take the excuse that “this doesn’t affect me” and turn it around to this is an issue that affects my brothers and sisters at Maxwell as well as my colleagues in the surrounding schools, so it DOES affect me. And remember, your neighborhood an school community can be next.

Thanks for understanding. See you Wednesday afternoon at Maxwell, Pennsylvania Ave. and Liberty Ave.

Take the “C” to Liberty Ave. Take the “3” to Pennsylvania Ave. Take the “J” or “Z” to Alabama Avenue. Take the B12. Take anyway you can get there.

This is a real test of our solidarity. Pass it with flying colors, folks.

Thanks for your understanding.



Tony Sclafani

UFT Special Representative


718-852-9891 (fax)

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