Monday, August 03, 2009

San Francisco Caucus: Educators for a Democratic Union Platform

EDU, a new caucus in SF, won 40% of the vote and 1/3 of the EBoard seats in the union elections this year.

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Medianewstime said...

Interesting platform! I agree with about 90% of the points outlined. However, how would universal healthcare be fairly funded? Just as welfare is taken advantage of, as your post points out, so to will healthcare.

By this I mean that there are many americans that drink too much, smoke too much, eat too much, etc. These habits will lead them to needing more medical attention than others that live a much more healthier lifestyle. Is this a faor burden for the American oublic to bare?

Would there not be a need to limit services rendered to a basic level, not including children, and expect adults to provide privatized medical insurance for needs beyond this level?

I am all for having universal healthcare for all basic needs, but beyond that it needs to be privatized. There needs to be a middle way between government issued helthcare and what we have now.