Sunday, August 02, 2009

Celebrate One Year of Struggle at Stella D'oro!


Celebrate One Year of Struggle at Stella D'oro!
Rally with Workers and Supporters at the Stella D'oro Plant
Saturday, August 15, 12PM-2PM
237th Street & Broadway
Take the # 1 train to 237th St.


In two weeks, the workers at Stella D'oro will mark one year since they walked off the job against unfair concessions and launched what has become an iconic struggle for the labor movement in New York City and beyond.

It is enormously important that on this special occasion -- and with many battles still ahead -- we show these fighters that they are not alone. They have been supported by community and labor activists like you throughout one year of difficult struggle -- and they need your support now more than ever.

Although we intend to celebrate the great victories achieved in the campaign thus far, we will also send a clear message to the financiers at Brynwood Partners that we are united behind the workers at Stella D'oro and will not rest until their jobs -- good union jobs -- have been secured.

Our message to Brynwood -- and to any potential buyers who would relocate production -- is simple: "Keep Stella D'oro in the Bronx: No Layoffs, No Concessions, No Closure!"

You stood with the workers at Stella D'oro during ten months on strike and you stood with them to successfully fight off a bid by Lance, Inc. to buy the company and relocate production. Now stand with them as they celebrate their accomplishments and look to gather their strength for the battles ahead!

What: Rally with Stella D'oro Workers and Supporters
Where: Stella D'oro Biscuit Co. -- 237th Street & Broadway

When: Saturday, August 15, 12PM-2PM

In Solidarity,
Stella D'oro Solidarity Committee

PS: There may be a social event at a local church or community space after the rally. Stay tuned for more details soon.

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Medianewstime said...

A common theme was the awareness that any attack on the Stella D’Oro workers is an attack on the community, and that a victory can strengthen all working and unemployed people.

While the city’s top trade union officials took the longest to recognize the urgency of material aid for Local 50, the need for solidarity is well understood by a critical mass of rank-and-file activists and leaders. As individuals or through organizations, including the Stella D’Oro Strike Solidarity Committee, which still meets weekly, people have been promoting the Stella D’Oro workers’ cause in unions, communities and the media, with the involvement of strikers who have become highly respected leaders, and in coordination with the Local 50 leadership.