Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obama Being Dubbed "Obush" as he loses his base

Thanks to Susan Ohanian

Democrats making themselves indispensable to corporate interests

Michael T. Martin

I donated a couple hundred dollars to Obama's Arizona primary campaign in February (2008), so I was aboard fairly early. Donated a little more later on. But in recent weeks I've begun posting on the internet calling it the "Obush administration." It appears I was just a little early. So this is not some NEA concoction.

There is an interesting phenomenon occurring beyond just education. Obama is losing the support of his political base across the board. Recent polling on Obama shows a drop in his approval ratings but the drop is not coming from the teabaggers etc. It is coming from independents and liberals showing disapproval over his policies.


The Civil Rights groups are aghast at his continuation of the Bush domestic spying program, the Human Rights groups are aghast at his continuation of the Bush torture program, the health care groups are aghast at his catering to opponents, and educators are aghast over his continuation of Bush education policies.

Glenn Greenwald of Salon states that the Obama administration advocates "The primary tactic of Democrats should be to be more indispensable to corporate interests so as to deny the GOP that money and instead direct it to Democrats. The overriding strategy is to scorn progressives while keeping them in their place and then expand the party by making it more conservative and more reliant on Blue Dogs. Democrats should replicate Republican policies on Terrorism and national security -- not abandon them -- in order to remove that issue as a political weapon."

The result has been what New York Times columnist Frank Rich titles Is Obama Punking Us? and one popular Progressive blogger notes: "Obama mobilized a whole lot of young people who have great expectations and disappointing them could lead to all sorts of unpleasant results. Success is about more than simply buying off some congressional liberals or pleasing the village. It's worth remembering that a third party run from the left is what created the conditions for eight long years of Republican governance that pretty much wrecked this country."

So the Arne policies of continuing the Bush administration are just part of a stated Obush strategy across the board to diss those who elected him. I have some friends who are Naderites who are chortling like crazy now. But I don’t think it is funny. The entire premise of democratic society is to elect people who will represent their constituency. The Obush administration is not just threatening public education, it is more like a threat to the entire concept of democracy.

— Michael T. Martin
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Newcelebrityblog said...

Any boneheads on this site or in Washington care to consult the Constitution on any of these matters, including the bailout passed by Pres. Bush? All of this garbage is unconstitutional. All of it. I sincerely hope states begin, as some have, to invoke the tenth amendment and invoke their state's rights on this. No where in the constitution is the Fed given authority over health care, education, or numerous other things. And for those of you who argue that the constitution is a "living, breathing" document, i say Horse crap. The consitution is an established set of rules and guidelines set to protect the country from the very things that these politicians aim to subject us to

Anonymous said...

perhaps it is early yet to call him OBush?

on the other hand his economic policies might seem more sound if we were not continuing to drop a billion bucks a day in Iraq.

i admit, he is beginning to physically look more and more like GW to me but it has been less than a year and he isn't going anywhere so we will just have to wait a while longer and see...

solerso said...

well, "newcelebrity blog" has spoken, and she says "horsecrap" to all the"boneheads".well i gues its settled then