Monday, August 10, 2009

The DOE spends more than $12,000 per charter school student; more than twice as much as estimated below

The DOE spends more than $12,000 per charter school student; more than twice as much as estimated below.

This does not count facilities, transportation, food, energy and many other subsidies over and above that amount. Some are apparently mandated by the state (such as transportation); some are not (such as facilities and energy.)

Though charter school advocates complain loudly that they are unfairly underfunded, Patrick has estimated that charter school students get more in taxpayer funds than regular per pupil payments at traditional public schools – not counting all the private fundraising they do.

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The DOE has said that they get neither more or less than regular public school students, but has resisted providing a full analysis or explanation. The IBO was supposed to come out with their own analysis that is nearly a year overdue.

In his speech during the governance debate, Sen. Perkins went on at great length about how charter schools were just being introduced in primarily minority neighborhoods such as Harlem. Perhaps someone ought to let him no that no community or district is exempt.

Leonie Haimson
Executive Director
Class Size Matters

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Zitmeds said...

The claim that "charters are public" is a falsely propagated myth designed to deceive our public.

When charters have private boards and are exempt from public oversight, regulations & laws, union regs & laws, and can manipulate who they can accept, then they are private. If Harlem Success Academy Director can appropriate a $370K Salary without public input or a Brooklyn Charter Director appropriates a $700K salary, then we should be able to indict those charter-operators for super-grand larceny....had they not been exempt from public laws and oversight.

Charters schools, yes, do appropriate or rob the public schools of public monies. But they run privately.