Tuesday, September 23, 2008

UFT Unity Caucus Hack of the Week: Charlie Turner

We may need more than 52 weeks a year to list all Unity hacks. One commenter suggested I do a Unity Hack of the Day and would still not get to all of them.

There is some dispute over an anonymous comment by Blue Devil who supposedly attended the ATR meeting with the UFT at Tilden HS. I've edited out specific teacher names. One of the points of contention is whether the teacher said he doesn't want to go to the suspension center because he doesn't want to "teach those kids." Whether he said this or not, I don't see anything wrong with a teacher being ruluctant to go into a situation where there might be a high degree of violence. The conditions in those places can be awful. There are teachers who do very well in those situations, but they should be the ones who really want to work with those kids. This teacher has almost 2 decades in the system. There should be some perk for longevity.

Update Sept. 27:

Anonymous comment:
The Comment [below] about Charlie Turner's visit to Tilden on the Ice Blog and then re-posted on Norm's Notes is a fake. I was at that meeting and NONE of that happened. The teacher who was placed in a Suspension Center wrote a letter to the UFT explaining he that he would rather stay at Tilden where accommodations have been made for him because of his two SPECIAL NEEDS children and where he has worked for 16 years. The only option that the schools in the building, who very much want to keep him, were given was to hire him at full salary, which they can't afford to do. The teacher, known as, "Rock" to everyone at Tilden, is a legend at the school and in academic sports and, in a fair world, he'd be handsomely rewarded by the Dept. of Education, and schools would be begging to get him. They would, if they could afford to do so. We were at Tilden, but we couldn't do it.

I think either a UFT person or someone very anti-teacher wrote that comment, but there was no crying and it was a relatively short meeting. It was not as though people hadn't seen it coming. And it was not as though Charlie had anything to offer besides to write to Randi "to put a human face" on the ATR situation, suggesting that she doesn't "get it" which was kind of interesting. Is she fuzzy on it the way she was the Rubber Room -- does she think the ATR's are incompetent?

It was a useless meeting. But there was no chaos or pathos. Eerie. We're kind of all numb.

Here's the comment posted on ICE:

Blue Devils said...

Charlie Turner could not come to South Shore because he had his hands full with a mob of angry Tilden Teacher! Ho he did plan on coming over to South Shore after he was finish with Tilden. He though he would hold our hand and comfort us by showing up and saying I am sorry, and that's the way the ball bounces. Instead he found a crowd of angery teachers that fired away question after question of the injustice that was going on and what the union was going to do about it. Poor Charlie was caught by surprise. He though he would give us his condolences and be on his way to South Shore. In fact he thought it was going to be so quick that he called an emerency UFT meeting in the libery at 2:15. The poor guy thought he would be out in 5 mintues and be on his way to South Shore by 2:25 the latest. Instead he found himself deflecting and avioding key questions. Like way are ATRS from other schools coming to Tilden while the Tilden ARTs are sent somewhere else? Why are teachers who have been in the building for over 20 years told to move? The contrack states that a teacher cannot be removed from the building if they have 20 years. Why are we being moved out of our district? The contrack states that we were to be placed in the same district? Why are you here now? You and the Union Reps, who make a ton of extra money doing nothing, should have been in these closing, phasing out schools from day 1, to prevent what has just happened. To make sure ATRs are not abused! Charles response? OH, What, Where, Who, How? We were not aware this was happening. Some answered back by say, everbody knew this was going to happen by the 19th of Sept. Were where you? Oh, we heard that they were going to do something like this, Charle said, but we did not actually think they were going to go through with it. Oh, 20 years in the building you say, ho grieve it. I was not aware of what was happening, I did not know that ARTs from another school where coming to Tilden to replace ART's in this one. We'll look into it. He said, but we know we will never get an answer. Charle told us to write to Randi, and tell her what was going on,(like she doesn't know). Charlie told us to e-mail her at UFT.com. One teacher stood up and said is that UFT.com or AFT.com. Charlie responed with a big smile, uft he said, while teachers cried in the back ground about leaving the school, friends and students they loved after a life time of service to go to parts unknown. These teacher never did anything wrong. They have a clean record. This did not phase Charlie one bit.Oh the district, there are no more district the DOE, desolved them, so they can send you any where they want. But don't worry they have to keep you in the brough for the frist couple of years. Some teachers where sent to a suspension center in East New York. One teacher stood up and said I don't want to go to a suspension center. Those are not the kind of students I want to teach. These are students who have been kicked out of schools like ours because they can't behave like human beings. They are out of control. Some have an arrest record. I am a swim teacher the man said. What I am I suppose to teach? Is there a pool in the suspension center? Charlie quickly responed. You have to go, or you can be fired for insubordination, your a teacher you can teach any student any subject anywhere, anytime. He said all this with a smile on his face. Of course what does he care, he's safe. He teachs one class and then does stuff like this all day long and collects two salaries and two pensions. It's a beautiful thing. A beautiful life. I was too busy throwing up in the back to ask Charlie any questions. I would rather take my chances with Klein and Bloomberg.
So you see please don't blame poor Charlie for not coming over to South Shore to hold your hand while you cried. He was busy running for his life from the Tilden teachers, he tried to bull s**t. So you see he couldn't come over, he was running late, and after all it was a friday afternoon and Charlie had to get home to beat the rush hour traffic. His job was done. So don't blame him, blame those dam Tilden Teachers, they would not go down without a fight!You want teach the UFT, DOE, and Mayor a real lesson? Don't give up the fight! Go to the news papers. Go to more than one newspapers. Go together as a group of teachers. Go to any newspaper that will listen. Go to your State Sentor, Assemblymen, Congressmen and let them know what is going on! Go to anybody who will listen! Tell them how Principals are hiding incidents and changing teachers grades to bring up the passing rate so Klein and Bloomberg will not close their schools like they closed ours. We failed students that did not come to school, We failed students who did not do their work, we reported and suspended students who commited crimes and broke rules. We did this not to be mean but to get them ready for the real world. Now Principals hide incidents and hire teacher who they can push around and scare them into passing everbody. Now when these kids go to fill out a college or job application after they graduate they can't do it. Go to anyone who will listen. Tell the world about how the DOE, wasted money left and right, tell them about the czay principal like the one you have at South Shore. Let the world know. And above all, tell everybody what has happen to you as ATR, and how the union did nothing about it. Tell them to coop out and vote for someone else in the next uft elections! Long live the BlueDevils.

Sunday, September 21, 2008 1:03:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


The school I was talking about is Tilden. I I keep getting sick thinking of Charlie Turner. He is rated as the lowest of the low by Ed Wise. He is a deflector for the UFT, just don't answer questions. Or give some sacastic answer to a teacher who has just asked him aa important question. Where do they learn this a UFT Rep school? And he always does this with a smile on his face.
He told us he will be visiting us at our new sites to check on us to see how everything is. Sorry Charlie I don't think that you give a damn about us. Out of sight out of mind.

Sunday, September 21, 2008 9:09:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The district rep we were talking about is Charlie { I will not answer your questions} Turner. He is a master of deflection, rated the lowest of the low. And for this he mkes a extra $50,000 a year. He only has to teach one class at his school, Maxwell, and then its off to his district rep job.
Try contacting him all you get is voice mail and maybe if you are lucky a return call.
On Monday 9/22 we are going to Adams street the Brooklyn district office to file grievances, for what. They will be turned down and then go to the ad com committe and they will reject it. And even if it goes to arbitration and by some miracle you win the DOE has the last say and you know what that will be. So in other words you are in a kangaroo court.
The UFT wants us to act like good little children and go to our new assignments without a fight, SORRY CHARLIE,we don't plan to take this lying down,


Anonymous said...

The ATR situation is being made worse by misinformation being spread around. ATR's are receiving full pay and benefits and CANNOT BE FIRED. If anyone is aware of a single ATR who was Fired, please post their name. True, some of the assignments they are given are not in their job description, most at my school Lafayette, want to stay at Lafayette, so far 2 of 17 have been assigned elsewhere, 1 to Rachel Carson another to FDR. As for Excessing/Rule 10, if a teacher is removed from their school building after completing 20 years on appointment, they should grieve immediately. We won 2 such grievances back in June as the DOE wanted to eliminate the English Dept at Lafayette. Both teachers are still at Lafayette. I agree that the UFT has to be more forceful with the DOE on this issue and I anticipate action very soon, bet on it. Let us not make the situation worse for our colleagues, unite yes, but with a practical plan to remedy this problem created by the DOE, blaming the UFT is not fair. Klein changed the fair funding formula. By the Way, now the schools are paying for the ATR's not the DOE. This policy went into effect last week.
Rick Mangone Chapter Leader
Lafayette HS

ed notes online said...

"Klein changed the fair funding formula."
Gee, Rick, ya think? Any chance this was the plan all along? The UFT didn't anticipate this? Are you saying they were outfixed? I hope you're not calling your esteemed leaders stupid.
And this one is even better:
"By the Way, now the schools are paying for the ATR's not the DOE. This policy went into effect last week."

I guess you don't hear the comments that this is not about whether they are laid off or not BUT ABOUT 20 YEAR PEOPLE BECOMING SUBS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Twenty year people under rule 10 or twenty years of service? The point is twenty years under appointment..It is a travesty I agree, but, why blame the union?? Did you mean outfoxed or outfixed??I too am deeply concerned but I choose to work within my union and do not take such a cynical view of the leadership. Again, I know that soon the ATR issue will be addressed by the UFT.
Rick Mangone

Anonymous said...

This is my third year as an ATR. I went to jobs fairs to no avail. When the DOE reorganized my school in Distr. 20 , Marvin Reiskin and many people from the UFT knew and did nothing to help. I grieved it and my grievance was never answered. Where is Randy to put an end to this problem?

Anonymous said...

To Ednotes..." I think you are completely WRONG. with this statement..

"And this one is even better:
"By the Way, now the schools are paying for the ATR's not the DOE. This policy went into effect last week."

The DOE is still paying for the ATRs. NOt the school. If it were the way you stated, The principal from my new school.. could had requested my change because of my salary.

ed notes online said...

The claim the schools are paying comes from Unity Caucus member Rick Mangone, chapter leader of Lafayette HS.

By the way Rick, when you say "I too am deeply concerned but I choose to work within my union and do not take such a cynical view of the leadership" I find it pretty interesting that NOW you are not cynical about the leadership given a whole bunch of conversations we held over the years. It's all about how they started treating you better not any kind of principles of unionism.

Anonymous said...

Norman-How are they treating me better? Do I have a double pension job you constantly refer to? I am still working as a teacher at Lafayette, have been doing so for 26 years. I will be an ATR as soon as Lafayette closes 2010. I do not have an after school PM Staff position. I still choose to work within the current system. They have however, supported my grievances full tilt, as they would for any member if they file and know how to file. Perhaps if there was more factual information to members as opposed to inflamatory rhetoric, maybe members would exercise their contractual rights, then they might feel as I do. I have fought long and hard to protect members at Lafayette, my principles have led to the removal of several unprincipled principles. I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather at the Belle this time of year, Norm

Rick Mangone

Anonymous said...

Rick, I filed my grievance the correct way. I even talked to Randy about it. THE RESULT = ZERO.

Anonymous said...

EDNOTES - You are right the comment about who pays for the ATRs was made by Randy's friend --Rick.

Anonymous said...

Norman-I enjoy your ed notes humor and I think your heart is in the right place, as a Senior member of the uft you have earned many members respect. Therefore, I will not engage you in this discussion about the ATR's. I disagree with your opinion,But,I respect your right to voice your opinion. Also, I have never prohibited or discouraged dialogue or publication at Lafayette of opposing views.

ed notes online said...

You know this is never personal. But why you would choose to engage critics of the UFT given the numerous conversations we had over many issues when you had certain "issues" is beyond me? I may be senior but I actually remember some stuff you said.

There is a lot of history to rehash. From your critical stance (and not of ed notes) in the summer of 2005 and your turn around in the fall when you recaptured the chapter leadership, your stance on the 2005 contract while attacking ICE in your school, the circumstances surrounding the closing of Lafayette (Randi's saying it should be closed), etc.

I can't remain quiet when you defend a body that we both know is very flawed. I know you can't be an open critic as a Unity Caucus member.

On the other hand, being threatened with being an ATR, a very public stance in defense of the UFT and being critical of critics, just might set you up with a union position that would negate the coming ATRdom. (And don't tell me you have never thought of a UFT position - some of my brains cells are still active.)

Sometimes silence it best.

Anonymous said...

Norman-remember what you are stating now regarding the ATR's. I will and point it out to you when this is resolved. You will be pleasantly surprised. Watch for todays UFT Press Conference regarding the ATR situation.


Anonymous said...

Please let me know what time will the UFT Press Conference regarding the ATRS is. I've been waiting for a solution for 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Norman- TOUCHE!!!!!


Rachel Grynberg said...

I am writing this because the teachers at Tilden were misrepresented in the "Blue Devils" comment.

The Meeting at Tilden was undeniably useless. But, there was no pathos and as far as I could tell, no angry mob. I think people have no more energy for that. They want more than that.

I don't think the "Blue Devils" author is a Tilden teacher. I think he/she is a fake who wrote the comment to make teachers look bad. None of what he/she says happened.

Eric Eisenberg read his letter to the UFT explaining that he would rather not go to the Suspension Center because accommodations have been made for him at Tilden to help him raise his TWO SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN. Since his wife has cancer, providing him with this assistance is especially important as she may not always be able to pitch in. He made no mention about the quality of the students. Anyone who knows Eisenberg knows that he loves kids, period and that he could handle a dragon dressed in teenage clothing.

So, I think the author of the comments was told some of what went on by a third party and then made things up and wrote them badly. Why? On behalf of Klein's office? The UFT? I can't believe a teacher wrote that. I just can't.

We are ALL SICKENED by the ATR situation and by the rather milquetoast quality of our union. My own therapist began our session yesterday with, "I thought you were catastrophizing, but you're right, you aren't going to have a job." She told me she thinks Weingarten is dreaming that she can fight Klein on this issue. And that's MY THERAPIST. The person who is supposed to make me feel confident.

Charlie kind of stood there, told us to write Randi so that we could put a "human face" on the situation and went home. Does she not know that ATR's are human? Does she think they're incompetent the way she felt the people in the Rubber Room were all awful. Or was he just trying to "play the crowd". Who knows? But, the UFT's only card right now is THE CONTRACT. So, he's going to stand there and be a piece of paper. That's what he's got to work with. Can he turn around and lead a riot? Yes, but you know he's not going to do that. Can he call the papers and have them come to Tilden and see what happened? Yes, but he's not going to do that either. Did we ask him to do that?
Why didn't we? And why can someone get away with putting up a fake comment like that? We all saw Eric Eisenberg read a letter, graciously. How did a comment stay up there that said someone said they didn't want to go to a suspension center because that was not the kind of kid they want to work with?

The question is: What do we do in October -- assuming we make it there. I think we'll make it there because there's no legal reason for us not to do so. We can't be forced to give in. We don't have to "make nice" now.

It's October 2009 that worries me.

When it's not this minute that is worrying me, that is.