Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin in Church

One of clips that begins to get at Palin's lunacy is her appearance last June at Wasilla Assemblies of God Church. Watch Part 1 and especially Part 2.

Robert Weizel writes about this church in "Twin Terrors of the Holy Land: The Sexy Fundamentalist and a White-Haired Zionist":

"Introducing Governor Palin to Master's Commission graduates, a youth ministry whose vision is to "see young men and women who are not afraid to lead and are violent in their pursuit of righteous," Ed Kalnins, pastor of the Wasilla Assembly of God church where Palin was baptized, told the audience that she is the "real deal." Pastor Kalnins is the same guy who believes that certain parts of the world are controlled by demons-guess which parts-and preaches an "end times" theology, the radical fundamentalist belief that the corruption of the Holy Land, that would be Muslims, Jews, sundry heretics and unbelievers, must be purified by God's cleansing fire before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ can occur." Full story.

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