Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Best of the New York City Edublogs


September 30, 8:22 PM
by Lorri Giovinco-Harte, New York City Education Examiner

The edublog is a phenomenon that has been gaining increasing popularity in the online community. Written by a vast array of individuals who have an interest in education and educational issues, these blogs provide important information and commentary about what is happening in the world of education.

Within the New York City ‘edublogosphere’ , there are numerous blogs being written by teachers, parents, and administrators that are acting as a grass-roots movement in leading the New York City educational system towards a much needed change.

There are so many to choose from, yet there are three that I believe to be the best in providing real and current information about New York City schools. They are as follows:

NYC Public School Parents

The site is largely written by Leonie Haimson, a New York City parent, and provides critical information to parents of public school children. Haimson is smart, outspoken, and tenacious. If there is an issue surrounding New York City schools then she is right on top of it. She is very well known throughout educational and political circles and is not afraid to speak up in advocacy of New York City children.

Education Notes Online

EdNotes is the definitive site for information about union, educational, and political issues. It’s written by Norm Scott, a retired educator and life-long educational activist. Norm has a tell-it-like-it-is style, and whether he’s criticizing the union or the Department of Education, he backs up his commentary with research and personal experience. When it comes to advocating for children, parents, and teachers, Norm goes the distance.

NYC Educator

Written by a New York City teacher, NYCEducator alternates between poignant tales of his experiences in the classroom and scathing commentary on political and social issues. His readership comes from all over the country and reading the comments that people leave on his blog can be just as interesting as the posts themselves. At the end of the day, he is an educator who seems deeply concerned over the issues that affect our children.

So, why not check them all out? You won’t be disappointed.

Lorri Giovinco-Harte

New York City Education Examiner
Lorri Giovinco-Harte has been an educator for 20 years. She has worked as a teacher and staff developer on the elementary, high school, and college levels and holds certifications in English Education, School Building Leadership, and School District Leadership. For more information go to www.lorrigiovincoharte.com

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Congrats Norm. I would have picked the same three.