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Ross School: Mom furious at celeb school

  Imagine if RGA's parents could sue for the educational neglect and
bullying their kids experienced at RGA just as this Ross School parent is
threatening to do if she doesn't get her $33,000 tuition fee refunded.

Mom furious at celeb school

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The mother of a student at the tony Ross School in the Hamptons is furious
that she paid $33,000 in fees for her son to live in a basement, and wants
her money back after he was told to leave the school.

The 13-year-old son of real-estate executive Jennine Gourin lived with
three other students in the basement of a Sag Harbor home at 91
Collingwood Drive, owned by Darius Narizzano, the assistant to Ross School
founder Courtney Sale Ross.

"At $56,000 a year [including tuition and housing], you expect them to
place your children in a safe place," said Gourin's lawyer, David Eagan --
who says she might sue if she doesn't get a refund.

A source close to the family claimed Gourin's son was encouraged to leave
in October after he used the word "dildo" in class while talking to other
students. The source claimed the school said he could either leave or it
would conduct an investigation.

Gourin had by then spent about $33,000 and has not since gotten a refund
from the school, which has taught the kids of celebrities, including Billy

Gourin -- who, in addition to the son, has a child with actor Jack
Nicholson -- now claims the basement where the teen was living was in
violation of Hamptons residential zoning.

"The town records say there was no certificate of occupancy for this
house. The conditions were illegal and not permissible," Eagan told us.
"It's shocking the Ross School would place students in illegal [housing]."

Calls to the Southampton building inspector were referred to agency lawyer
Joel Lombardo, who didn't return calls.

A school rep said the lack of a certificate was due to having an outside
shower. The rep said the shower "is 20 years old and needed an anti-scald
device to be brought up to code. That situation has been rectified."

As to why Gourin's son left, the rep said: "The claims regarding the
dismissal are completely inaccurate. For us to disclose the facts would be
a breach of confidentiality."

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