Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Eva Moskowitz Expansion at PS 123 in Harlem - Jan. 27

Corporate America is pushing hard to destroy public education and public housing so that they can pocket public money and resources. The gentrification of Harlem and other inner city areas is part of the plan to disperse us, weaken us and further control real estate in this country.  A jobless recovery only means everything for Corporate America and nothing for us.  The attacks on unions (seniority, tenure, pay, pension, etc.) is also another way for Corporate America to consolidate its power in this country.  Stand up, fight back and join us in Harlem as we mobilize parents, students, staff and community folk to take back our public schools, public housing and our community!


Stand Up, Speak Out, Fight Back in Harlem!!!
Take Back PS 123's School Building!!!
Thursday January 27, 2011
Rally starts at 5pm
Hearing starts at 6pm
at PS 123
(Mahalia Jackson School)
301 W. 140th Street
(Corner of W. 140th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd)
Harlem, NY 10030
Contact: Ernestine Augustus at (646) 262-9052 or email: .
Transportation: Take A,C, or D trains to 145th Street or use .

Mark A. Torres 
People Power Movement
(212) 348-5732

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