Sunday, December 12, 2010

3rd negative study on NYC Leadership academy

The effect of the New York City Leadership Academy on student outcomes in New York City schools
by Sabatino, Pasquale, Jr., Ed.D., NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY, 2009, 131 pages; 3358243

This applied dissertation was designed to compare student outcomes and principal performance between principals who graduated from the New York City Leadership Academy and principals who did not attend the Leadership Academy. Principals, with at least three years of leadership experience in schools with similar student demographics participated in the study. The impact of leadership training on student outcomes was analyzed using a non experimental casual-comparative design, with data collected from the New York State English Language Arts Exam, New York State Comprehensive English Regents Exam, New York State Mathematics Exam and the New York State Mathematics A Regents Exam. Administrative performance was assessed from teacher responses to the New York City Department of Education Learning Environment Survey. This research investigation revealed no significant differences in student outcomes or principal performance between graduate and non attendee principals of the New York City Leadership Academy. The results offer no evidence that participation in the Leadership Academy is an effective means of preparing principals for successful leadership. This applied research is intended to assist in development of current and future leadership academies.


teachme2 said...

Norm, where can we get her book? I spent 13 years teaching in the South Bronx. I always loved the students that I had the privilege of teaching. They humbled me; I too wondered how they ever managed to come to school as their lives were so tough. I often marveled at their nobility and wondered if I would have had their courage and grace in those circumstances. Ms. Mayer's voice is a true one.

ed notes online said...

Don't know. Check Amazon.

teachme2 said...

Sorry that my comment followed the wrong post. Amazon says "As Bad As They Say" hasn't been released yet.
Thanks for the post.