Sunday, August 01, 2010

Reality Based Educator Wants You To Know...

Obama's Most Reliable Education Deform Supporter In Senate Now Behind In Polls

This is good news:

Andrew Romanoff (D) literally bet the house on his Senate primary challenge of Sen. Michael Bennet (D) and a new Denver Post poll suggests it might be paying off.

Romanoff has closed a double-digit deficit and is now leading Bennet (D), 48% to 45%.

Bennet is a key ed deformer, a Wall Street scumbag, and a reliable vote for the EMO's, the HMO's and the credit card industry.

He is anti-teacher and anti-union.

He is also President Accountability's favorite ed deform senator in the Senate.

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RBE urges:
If you can send Mr. Romanoff a little bit of cash against the Obama crony/Wall Street/PAC-funded Bennet, that would be much appreciated.

You can bet Whitney Tilson has all his robber baron cronies and slave labor friends sending love Bennet's way.

I cannot stress enough, we need MORE and BETTER Democrats.

Sending Michael Bennet, President Obama's best education deform ally in the Senate, down to defeat would help that cause. 

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