Thursday, March 01, 2007

Martine Guerrier Appoinment Announced

Martine Guerrier has been appointed "chief family engagement officer" at Tweed. I wish her good luck.

Without any real evidence that DOE officials are prepared to listen to parents' views on a number of critical issues relating to the future of our schools, including the overriding need to reduce class size, I don't hold out much hope that her appointment is any more than window dressing.

If DOE really intended to take parents seriously, they would stop the rush to put their proposals into effect, including the risky weighted student funding proposal which could lead to real cuts at many schools, and their new testing and grading schemes.

They would announce right now that they are starting from scratch. Since this hasn’t happened, I don’t put much faith that they intend to change their ways.

See email message from Tom Huser, CEC person at Tweed below.

Instead, I think this announcement today is their way of trying to head off the bad press they expect to get as a result of the rally tonight.

What do others think?

Leonie Haimson

From: Huser Thomas Subject: Martine Guerrier -- Chief Family Engagement Officer

We are happy to announce Martine Guerrier as the new Chief Family Engagement Officer to the Department of Education. Martine has been the Brooklyn representative on the Panel on Educational Policy (PEP) since 2004. Martine served in various capacities with the Educational Priorities Panel. Attached is copy of the release announcing her appointment.

During her time on the PEP, Martine has been an independent voice, often disagreeing with the Department of Education positions. She has also been a champion of increased parent involvement and input. She will be a strong advocate on behalf of the interests of the Education Councils.

Martine will be our guest at the Parent Leaders Meeting on March 12 from 6 PM to 8PM at Tweed. We will send out the formal invitation later today. We hope that you will join us to meet and hear from Martine. There will be an opportunity to ask her questions.

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