Monday, March 12, 2007

Jerry Frohnhoefer, ICE Candidate for Vocation HS VP Bio

I've been teaching English at AV with a short stint at Cardoza HS for the past twelve years.I have been the journalism teacher for the past four and college advisor for the last two and a half. I have been chapter leader at AV for three and a half years, and as such initiated the first fight against the workshop model in the City. We, at AV were able to get serious modifications on the rigid "Columbia" model under the tunnel vision rule of Reyes Irizarry. Our school was one of the school's last year that spoke up against the lack of including Christian religious holiday during these called "spring break". We as a school were also quite active in speaking up on the failure of BloomKlein to respect veterans Day in our schools when all other city and state employees by law had either the day off or a day with pay at their discretion. I also worked for private not-not-for profit groups including Catholic Charities, ENTER INC. (a drug and alcohol free program in East Harlem for seven years, and a street club supervisor for Hotline Cares., also in East Harlem. I have also been an active member of the NYC 23-25 Gladiators, a n amateur boxing club in East Harlem and have served on the Ethics Committee of the Metropolitan ABF. Jerry F.

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