Saturday, March 31, 2007

Guide to Jargon

Here is some of the jargon you need to understand what is happening in New York City’s Department of Education, formerly the Board of Education.

ARIS - Achievement Reporting and Innovation System - a new City initiative to help schools analyze, report and manage information about student and school performance. The 5 year, $80 million dollar program is being administered by IBM.

CEC - Citywide Educational Councils - 32 groups replacing the old Community School Boards, along with two others, for High Schools and Special Education.

CCHS - Citywide Council on High Schools - a CEC.

CCSE - Citywide Council on Special Education - the other CEC.

DOE - New York City Department of Education - the old Board of Education.

FSF - Fair Student Funding Mayor Bloomberg’s new school “revision.”

LSO - Learning Support Officer - DOE employees who help principals.

NCLB - No Child Left Behind - Federal law requiring testing and goals for schools.

PA/PTA - Parent Association/ Parent Teacher Association.

PAC - Parent Advisory Council School group for Title 1 (in need of improvement) schools. These are in addition to the PA/PTA.

PEP - Panel for Education Policy a 13-member group which advises the City. Five are appointed by Borough Presidents, seven by the Mayor, and the Schools Chancellor, who is also appointed by the Mayor.

PSO - Partnership Support Organization - Contractors to help principals.

SINI - Schools In Need of Improvement - defined by Title 1 of NCLB.

SLT - School Leadership Team - 14 member teams at each school, who develop an educational plan, match budget to needs and build a “sense of community.” Half are parents, the other half are teachers, staff, union, PA, students or community members.

SURR - Schools Under Registration Review - a State watchdog process for seriously underperforming schools. There are currently 65 SURR schools - 35 in New York City

From the Queens Courrier

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