Thursday, May 03, 2012


A University of London study that someone posted on the Teacher Letters to Obama Facebook group.

"..the trend towards privatization of public education is hidden. Itis camouflaged by the language of “educational reform”, or introduced stealthily as “modernization”. Hence the title for this study: HIDDEN PRIVATISATION IN PUBLIC EDUCATION.
The purpose of this study is to get the trend towards privatization out into the light of day. We need greater transparency, we need to get a better understanding of what is happening, so that we can engage in an open public debate about the future of education in our societies
" ~

And, if you see where in the political spectrum Obama falls, you understand immediately why things are headed toward privatization!

In fact, according to Michael Parenti:

 ‎"The President is the guardian and representative of capitalism; the embodiment of the executive centered state system that defends American corporate interests at home and abroad.

Parenti also had a great talk about the media:

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