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A Nation held hostage: By Americans

[KEY INFO 3]   A Nation held hostage.  By Americans.
Suppose that terrorists invaded America silently en mass and set about to use political techniques that would steal from the poor to pay the rich.  Suppose their agenda was to destroy the hugely successful Middle Class in America, and make all future Americans owe their soul to "the company store", to be in debt to this enemy from birth to death.  Suppose under this profit at any cost invader was making a stink pot out of our Planet, filling it with disease, hunger, poverty and pestilence everywhere you turned.

Suppose you discovered that the Prime Directive of these invaders was to destroy the American Dream?

Would you think something should be done to stop this from happening?  But it IS all happening, right now, hidden in plain sight, concealed by lies of diversion being told by the invaders.  Who are these invaders?  They are TranNational Corporations, legal fictions with no life, heart nor soul, having one and only one purpose: increase profit for the super wealthiest at the expense of everyone else.

Corporations set up tax havens, pay no taxes, and neither do their wealthiest beneficiaries.  By paying no taxes, they force the tax burden down on everyone else, so they can create this lie:  It's your mean old Government that's causing this!  Help us bring your Government to its knees before its Corporate Masters!  

This is the Evil Empire of Star Wars.  These are the Agents of Satan warned about in the Bible, who come among us to mislead us with lies and deceptions to enslave us.  This is Trickle Down Economics gone haywire on deregulation steroids.  This is the Corporate Privatization of every resource in 3rd World Countries advocated by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to control their Governments, being applied to the United States of America itself.

This is Sociopathic Insanity running free across the land, with intent to harm everyone.  This is the result of simple minded Teabaggers believing in a tea party lie that is exactly the opposite of what the original Tea Party was all about.  This is embracing enslavement as salvation because teapartiers believe their Dark Lords who organize and fund everything Baggers are told to do.  The Tea Party was held to break away from the Corporate Colony Control of a King, NOT to re-enslave Americans under more Corporations.

After 30 years of deregulation beginning in 1980 with Corporate Puppet Reagan -- which benefits no one except the uber-rich -- as of last November's Elections, these criminal Corporate Fascists have taken America hostage. 

They started when it looked like they would lose control of Government when their Corporate Puppet Bush could not be replaced with another liar, murderer and Rethuglican thief.  They said this to Government, Congress, and to Obama even before he was elected, in no uncertain terms:   

Do what we say, pay what we demand, or we shall collapse the Global Financial Empire.  And, in case you don't believe us, here's a sample of what we can do if you disobey our commands.  We will survive, but you and your democracy will not.

Did the Press with its Constitutionally guaranteed Freedom to speak Truth come forth to protect us?  Of course not.  By then, they were all owned by the Corporate invaders: Main Stream Media, Inc., and would not lift a finger.

Did law enforcement come to arrest perps of the Greatest Heist the World has ever known?  Did Congress pass laws to protect people from these invaders?  Was the Military sent to round up the guilty, as we send them to do in other countries?  No, No, and No.

The Military was too busy destroying property in foreign lands which US taxpayers would have to build back, instead of using those billions to build back a decaying America.  From this point on, only Congress Critters who sign a blood oath to the Evil Empire can be elected.  No honest person should apply.  

And local police and fire fighters are to be fired, with private Corporate mercenaries hired in their place.  Just like using private Corporate Blackwater instead of our own Government's Army.  Gets rid of all Union problems, too.  It's all in their MasterPlan.  

Libraries will be closed so everyone would have to buy books, and then, only those approved by Corporate Publishers.  National Parks are to be sold off so that the wealthiest of the wealthy, to have total private control over every worthwhile landscape and view in America.  It's all in their MasterPlan.

A bill in Wisconsin does just that:  allows the Gov to sell off all publicly owned anything to any private Corporations he choses for pennies on the dollar with no bidding. The State Capitol, Universities and all public buildings built with taxpayer money can be sold for quick cash and leased back from private Corporations from now on.  Pretty soon, Wisconsin will be owned by the Corporate Fascists brokering the sale, with rents paid by Middle Class taxpayers.

That's the Koch Bros MasterPlan behind their purchase of WI Gov Walker, and if successfully implemented -- especially by ignoring nationwide opposition Rallies in the Streets -- then it becomes the Corporate Fascist MasterPlan for America.  

Just like Wake County NC became a prototype for the MasterPlan to re-segregate America's Public Schools, their Koch Daddy's Dream of Dreams.  Read where forth the money comes: Absolute Power: an examination of Art Pope's dominance


This is not science fiction.  This is Reality America in the 21st Century. 

Demonstrators forcibly removed; Capitol reopens 10 Mar 2011 (WI) Demonstrators were carried out of the Assembly by police Thursday as Gov. Scott Walker's administration again closed and then reopened the building to the public. About 11:30 a.m., the statehouse was opened after police cleared the Assembly so the body could vote on Walker's bill on union bargaining. After protesters said they were willing to risk arrest to block a vote, police began escorting or dragging some of them out. "Shame! Shame! Shame!" demonstrators shouted.

Force states to fire 65,000 teachers. Kill 700,000 jobs. And send 10,000 veterans into homelessness. That's what the Republican budget would do. And that's not all, by a long shot. With $100 billion in cuts, their budget would hit at the heart of programs that just about every American depends on—all the while protecting tax giveaways for millionaires.  Top 10 Worst Things about the Republicans' Immoral Budget

One American dies every minute from Cancer, caused from Corporate poisoning of the environment with endless thousands of untested chemicals and unhealthy synthetic foods.  Government sponsored disease research is cut out of the Budget, so that Reports will not find that Fascist Corporations are responsible for 80% of Cancer in America.  But no one in Corporate Media is allowed to make the connection, because it could stop the flow of Corporate profit.  Profit is God.  Greed is Good.

Rethugs elected to State Governments are settling Corporate Tax Debts at pennies on the dollar, so they can manufacture a Deficit, which the "ONLY" way to fix-- they lie -- is to fire people, cut services, destroy Government of the People.

Dick Armey -- failed Congressman and now head of a Teabagger Production organization called FreedomWorks (for the Wealthy) -- claims this Lie as Truth on March 7th:
"The greatest danger facing our nation is our staggering national debt -- now in excess of $14 TRILLION. And the greatest question facing our nation is: 'How do we avoid this looming crisis?'"
It's a total misdirection from the truth to claim that Middle-class Government Jobs are responsible for this.  This Intentional Debt is caused by the following:

1) Eight years of ongoing Wars for control over Mid-East Oil costing trillions of dollars so far, and with no end in sight. The War Budget has grown by $900 billion since 9/11, not counting cost of Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Our War Budget is 6 times higher than the next highest Nation's Defense Budget

As Carl Gibson, the founder of  US Uncut, explained, if you have "one dollar" in your wallet, you're carrying more than the "combined income tax liability of GE, Exxon-Mobil, Citibank, and Bank of America."

3) Refusal to stop the multi-trillion dollar leakage of taxable Corporate Profits to off-shore tax havens.   According to the Government Accountability Office, Citigroup has  427 subsidiaries in identified tax havens, while Bank of America has 115, Morgan Stanley has 273, and Goldman Sachs has 29. The GAO actually found that 18,857 U.S. Corporations maintained a post office box in one five-story building in the Cayman Islands. 

Over the last three years, for instance, Google paid a 2.4 percent effective tax rate by sheltering its income in Ireland and countries in the Caribbean.  Never use Google: they keep your keystrokes for 30 years and sells them to Corporate Fascists.  Instead use a far better Metasearch which protects your privacy:

Plug and fix these, and INSTANTLY, THERE IS NO NATIONAL DEBT.  Breaking Unions in Wisconsin does NOTHING to fix Deficits which were manufactured by these same Satanic Agents. They lie, cheat and steal from Americans, in worshipful obedience to their evil TransNational Corporate Fascists Masters.  Wake up, America.  You've heard this story told as fairy tale fiction thousands of times. Now it's happening for real, right in front of you.

Our National Debt is a legacy gift of EVERY Rethuglican Presidents since 1980:  
US National Debt Graph:  What They Never Tell You 

Reagan got elected by telling the country the debt was "out of control." Compared to national income, it was the lowest in 50 years. Suffering from Alzheimer's and with only an Actor's understanding of economics, he probably didn't know. But his supply-side economists did. They lied to America.
In 1981 Reagan's supply sider economists wrote the tax cuts for the rich and his budgets. The Senate was Republican, and Reagan got the Southern Dems in the House to vote for him. All Republicans and a few Dems voted for the budget. Tax cuts for the rich were largely responsible for the National Debt having its worst year since 1945. The next year it got worse, and for 20 out of 20 years, the supply siders have raised the National Debt relative to our ability to pay.
Absolutely NOTHING that Rethglicans in Congress are considering cutting out of the Budget will have any meaningful affect on reducing the National Debt. What they plan shall destroy jobs, and will likely accelerate the Debt. This is a huge lie being forced upon us by the wealthiest class (One Percent) of America's Fascists.


Cut subsidies to Big Oil Republicans. Exxon had a profit of $19 billion in 2009, more than any other company. Exxon not only paid no tax on $19 billion in income, they got a check from the federal government for $156 million. Cut the ethanol and biodiesel blending subsidy the Koch Brothers receive: $1 billion per year in Subsidy so they can finance the tea party. End Corporate Welfare first.

Ours is not a crisis of Leadership, tho honest leaders are hard to find.  This is a Moral Crisis, of which we have been warned time and again was coming.  The scum of the Earth now owns America's wealth, and believe they have unchallengeable power.  All Sociopaths delude themselves that way.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall.  And there is NO SUCH THING as "too big to fail".

These Corporate Criminals are always with us. They sold rotten meat to Lincoln's Army.  George Bush's ancestors financed Hitler's rise to power to be certain they were on the winning side, whoever won, and they did not care who it was so long as profits continued.  

Wall Street is a haven for thieves, and not one of them who robbed us has ever seen the inside of a courtroom, much less a prison.  Bankers study ways to steal more from us every day. Insurance Corporations torture paid policyholders daily, murdering 50,000 Americans every year by refusing them Health Insurance.

I just signed a petition to my Senators asking them to oppose this radical assault on EPA funding and filibuster any bill that guts Clean Air Act enforcement. Please join me by adding your name here:

Selling us food they know is unhealthy, Corporate Fascists make us a Profit Center for fatness, so we will be become a Profit Center for illness.  They dumb-down America so that roaming hoards of Teabagger Stormtroopers who will work for free can be recruited. 

But Truth is leaking out.  People are finding the courage to stand, finding a collective voice with which to Speak Truth to Power.  Here are only a few Links, which will lead you to many others:

Baptist Center for Ethics: Uncut Tax Movement Is Morally Righteous

Robert Reich | Governor Walker's Coup D'Etat  "Wisconsin Republicans have made it crystal clear that their goal has had nothing whatever to do with the state budget. It's been to bust the unions." READ MORE

Michael Moore: America Is NOT Broke "America is not broke. Not by a long shot. The country is awash in wealth and cash. It's just that it's not in your hands. It has been transferred, in the greatest heist in history, from the workers and consumers to the banks and the portfolios of the uber-rich. Today just 400 outrageously rich Americans have the same wealth as half of all Americans combined." Read the Article 

Crybaby John Boehner is calling for cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid this Spring claiming these programs aren't sustainable. Let's be clear, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are not responsible for adding money to the Deficit. Corporate greed and out-of-control military spending are.

Activists Hold Wall Street Accountable for Economic Crisis
A coalition of watchdogs and activists revealed how the wealthiest bailed-out banks caused the current economic crisis by dodging taxes, and demanded that Attorneys General of all 50 states file criminal charges against banks suspected of committing foreclosure fraud during the nation's housing crisis. Read the Article 

Naomi Klein:  GOP Strategy for Disaster Capitalism (Video)
Wisconsin's Shock Doctrine  What this fight is really about is not Unions vs. Taxpayers as we've been told. It's a fight about who is going to pay for the crisis created by the wealthiest elite in this country. Republicans are using economic crisis as an excuse to push a radical corporate agenda. 

More than $911,000 raised thus far to support efforts to RECALL Republican WI Senators who promote the Wisconsin crisis. The folks running the Recall report they're off to an amazing start, beating their signature goal in the first weekend by 35%. Support the Wisconsin 14 and see who these brave Americans are.

Keith Olbermann | Suicide of the Republican Party 

ThinkProgress caught Sen Scott Brown (R-MA) on tape thanking billionaire David Koch for his campaign donations and asking for more. Exclusive reporting was picked up by The Boston Globe, Rachel Maddow, and by websites like The Huffington Post and Gawker

ThinkProgress also thoroughly debunked David Koch’s false claim that he did not “directly support” Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker and his union-busting agenda.

David Koch is one of Satan's Generals, a true Nazi Leader of Corporate Fascism.  Before he dumped hundred of millions into corrupting Nov Elections nationwide, he had remained much hidden from view.  He's an oil-rich Carpetbagger from Oklahoma whose Daddy started the John Birch Society. Unfortunately Papa Fred did not know how to use condoms.  Nor his father before him.  Not that the spawn of Satan can be so easily stopped from spreading. 


Closing out this Edition is an example of how dumb that Conservative Agents of Satan think we are.  For reasons of threat and harassment, several Rethug controlled House Committees with power to investigate are tearing into Climate Change and Healthcare and Social Security as if protecting Americans from harm was the worst idea on Planet Earth.

But, here's the farce, pure and simple.  The abuse of overspending, waste and theft in support of the obscene and immoral Wars for Oil Profits DO NOT EVER GET A SECOND GLANCE by Congressional investigators.  All the trillions necessary to Make America Whole Again is pouring like rice out of a sieve, directly into the pockets of Fascist War-profit Corporations.  War is good!  War is profitable!  Rah, Rah WAR!!  Trillions for WAR.  None for Healthcare, Homecare or Planetcare.  Conservative Christians, who murder children, the sick and the elderly, are the Agents of Satan the Bible warned us about.

"Don't tax my Billionaire income!  I need my loopholes!  And my tax havens. Tax the Middle Class, into poverty."  

Banks and Corporations must have a totally free hand to manipulate the Economy for greater profits of the Wealthiest Americans.  That's what Free Enterprise means: the freedom to screw everyone.  What is the Nazi organization FreedomWorks?  "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

What do you do next when you have more money than you can spend in 10 lifetimes?

Why do they NOT fear Hellfire for Eternity?  They were born of Lucifer, and know there's no where to go but back into His Dark Majesty to be recycled again.  Evil never rests.  There are no honest Republicans in Government anymore.  The GOP is dead. Only bought-out Rethuglicans remain. Example: Senator Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) stated publicly that he would oppose the Rethuglican Budget Plan.  He faces Teabagger opposition in 2012.  A few hours later, he claimed he made a mistake.

Fascist Appointed Thieves are on their way to your Home Town.  A Bill was passed in Michigan to allow the Governor, by his decision alone, to suspend all elected Officials for local Governments in financial trouble and place in charge a single Manager, with unchallengeable dictatorial powers to sell off whatever he chooses on no-bid contracts.

Robber Baron's rise to prominence after the unCivil War required Trust Busting Legislation which Republican Progressive President Theodore Roosevelt used to sue dozens of giant Corporations, breaking them up in the early 1900s.  Here a century later, in the early 2000s, the ugly head of greed has gained strength enough to financially enslave most Americans again.  It will not go away until Transnational Banks and Corporations are smashed down again.

When will we ever learn?  Fascist Corporations left unfettered produce tea party terrorists.

States should solve their financial crisis like North Dakota did: form State Banks and leverage their own debt. Click on Bank of North Dakota.  North Dakota is the only State Government not showing a Deficit.  Bust Wall Street Banks into such small pieces they can never threaten America again.  Damn Goldman-Sach to oblivion.

Demand that Corporate Media tell the truth, and fine them if they produce lies and propaganda.  Corporations are not people.  Why do we allow these legal fictions to claim rights greater than living, breathing human citizens?


Representative King (R-NY) and the GOP have their priorities backwards.

On the heels of an announcement that he would be holding Homeland Security hearings on the ‘radicalization’ of Muslim Americans, King sponsored a bill to extend loopholes in a chemical security law for 7 more years, instead of supporting strong Legislation that will prevent Corporate Chemical Disasters at plants that store tons of poison gases.

The 300 highest risk chemical plants together put over 100 million Americans needlessly at risk every single day and elected officials like Rep. King and the rest of the GOP are working to keep it that way.

King claimed it’s about jobs. But you and I know better. His support for a weak chemical security law has to do with Profits of Chemical Corporations, not jobs. King just hopes his political theater will distract you. 

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