Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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I hope someone can solve the 71777 mystery for me. Weird message in the lousy Superman movie. Their view of teacher excellence is a teacher opening up kids' heads and pouring in knowledge.


That's how the movie starts. Brose below for smart comments by Diane Ravitch in the NY Review of books and by a teacher blogger, Ben Blum-Smith.
And some really ignorant comments in the Village Voice.

And, as always, MORE.

We had 70 degree weather yesterday and people went nuts. Downtown Burlington looked like Miami Beach.


Governor Christie's Ultimate Test
Monica Langley
Wall Street Journal

The behavior of New Jersey's governor toward teachers is deliberately obnoxious. . . and it plays well with Wall Street Journal readers.

 Schools Chancellor Joel Klein wants nothing more than to release data on more than 12,000 teachers
Juan  Gonzales
New York Daily News

Juan Gonzales provides a peek into the data errors that go into teacher evaluation in New York City. Ohanian asks professional organizations to get their heads out of the sand.

 Wasting for Stuporman
Ben Blum-Smith

Fun and insightful review, and Ohanian sort of explains the mystery number in the film. Or makes it more of a mystery.

 The Myth of Charter Schools
Diane Ravitch


Diane Ravitch offers an excellent review of Waiting for Superman.

To the editor
Prof. Susan B. Neuman
Wall Street Journal

Most letter writers blame teachers or parents. Susan Neuman hits the nail on the head in blaming curriculum. Read Marion Brady.

One Standardized Test to Rule Them All
Neil deMause
Village Voice

The PARCC assessment group hopes that economies of scale and the use of artificial intelligence to score tests can keep costs manageable. Judging from the sample questions PARCC submitted in its grant application to the Feds, artificial intelligences will also write the test questions.

A funny, scary 'education' conversation
Valerie Strauss
Washington Post Answer Sheet

This video created a dust-up among reader comments at the Answer Sheet.

Some parents threaten to pull kids from CSAP testing
Sherrie Peif
Greeley Tribune

The good news is that parents are speaking out against the state tests and all the test prep. And YOU can help.

A Teachers Union Does Something Right


This is an action more unions and professional organizations should take. . . It is much more positive than continuing to whine about the Superman movie.

Erik Hanushek, meet the tort of “false light”
Sherman Dorn

Sherman Dorn offers good analysis of Hanushek's argument for test score data release.

In Chicago Public Schools, library void goes beyond one sit-in
Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah
Chicago Tribune

Parents at Whittier Elementary have done what teachers, unions, university education departments, and professional organizations have failed to do: Demand a library for the children.

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