Thursday, September 16, 2010

A VICTORY for PUBLIC Education – Senator Bill Perkins wins landslide re-election

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Photo by Joe Rogers, Jr.
Primary Night, September 14, 2010- Senator Perkins w/NYCPA board members Latrina Miley and Mona Davids.
A VICTORY for PUBLIC Education – Senator Bill Perkins wins landslide re-election
September 16, 2010, New York, NY----- The New York Charter Parents Association (NYCPA), the first and only independent charter parent association in New York City and New York State, is pleased NYCPA endorsed candidate, Senator Bill Perkins was re-elected to the State Senate.  Senator Perkins’ landslide re-election is a victory for all public school parents in New York State.  “Bill Perkins showed the courage to stand up for parents and do what is right, without worrying about the political consequences,” said Mona Davids, founder and President of NYCPA.  All the money, attacks and puppet challenger, Basil Smikle, funded by the charter school lobby and hedge fund millionaires, did not sway him from standing up for the rights of district and charter parents. 
With the support of Senator Velmanette Montgomery and Senator Shirley Huntley the Charters Schools Act and NYS Education Law was revised requiring charters to serve Special Education, English Language Learners and low performing students; EVERY charter school in New York City is required by law to establish a Parent Association/Parent-Teacher Association along with other reforms.
Puppet challengers funded by the charter lobby, targeted senators Perkins, Montgomery and Huntley because they supported the civil rights of charter parents to have a voice in their charter schools.  The constituents and parents (both charter and district) of Harlem, Central & South Brooklyn and Queens have made
their wishes known loud and clear through their democratic rights as voters.
September 14, 2010 was a victory for public education and a defeat for the charter lobby.
PUBLIC Funding = PUBLIC Accountability and Transparency.
The next NYCPA Monthly Meeting is Thursday, September 30, 6-8PM at Brooklyn Borough Hall. For more information, visit or call 917-822-9203.
New York Charter Parents Association is a nonprofit organization founded to advocate for families with children in the New York State public school system - both charter and district schools seeking public school choice. We are the FIRST AND ONLY independent charter parent organization in New York City and New York State. We are "OF THE PARENTS, BY THE PARENTS AND FOR THE PARENTS". We are not controlled by the charter center, charter lobby, NYC Department of Education or any charter school therefore we put our children first before any special interest group.

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