Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Call to Investigate Klein/Moskowitz Emails

Dear Inspector General Fisch:
> The contents of email communications between New York City Schools
> Chancellor Joel Klein and charter school operator Eva Moskowitz, which
> were recently disclosed in the Daily News, have raised some very
> troubling questions.
> First and foremost, the emails raise the possibility that an improper
> relationship exists between a public organization, the Board of
> Education of the City School District of the City of New York
> (popularly known as the Department of Education) which is a local
> education agency (LEA) created under state law and a private vendor
> who contracts with that public agency. Furthermore, the emails suggest
> that the Department of Education may have been unduly influenced or
> pressured into closing neighborhood schools in favor of placating
> Moskowitz's
> wish for use of more city properties.
> Favoritism and improper access have no place in our public school
> system. Accordingly, we respectfully request that the Office of the
> State Inspector General formally investigate the emails in question,
> and conduct a thorough review of the access granted to the Harlem
> Success Academy. We further request a review of the financial
> relationship between the two parties to determine whether proper
> procedures have been followed.
> We have included a link to the emails between Ms. Moskowitz and
> Chancellor, below.
> Thank you for your time and consideration of this important matter.
> Sincerely yours,
> -- Jonathan Westin
> NY Communities for Change
> Office: 347-410-6919 ext. 240
> Cell: 917-637-9501

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