Friday, October 30, 2009

Comment on NY Times Article on Teacher Contract

from Marjorie Stamberg

Today's New York Times has news, or at least informed speculation, on the UFT teachers contract which expires tomorrow. It reports what everyone's been saying -- that the 4 percent increases were already negotiated last spring by Randi Weingarten in exchange for support on mayoral control. The DOE is complaining they couldn't get anywhere on what they see as three "roadblocks": seniority, tenure and uniform pay scales.

A key issue that we have to watch like a hawk is what happens to the ATRs. The Times quotes the head of the union-bashing "New Teacher Project" complaining that there appears to be "no savings on how much we spend on these teachers without jobs and no flexibility."

We need to make clear that any attempt to put a time limit on ATRs, such as they have in Chicago with disastrous results, is completely unacceptable.

Last year's demonstration at Tweed is a key reason why the DOE was forced to step back on its constant teacher-bashing and vilification of ATRs. Action by the ranks was important in getting UFT officialdom to try to deal with the problem they helped created in the first place by giving up seniority transfers and agreeing to principal control of hiring and the phony "open market" -- key elements of the corporate agenda for "education reform."



Mynewscorner said...

No contract should be signed unless bad teachers can be fired. The rubber rooms have to go. Abuse of sick time: end it.. You know, just like a real work place.

Anonymous said...

One can only run education like a 'real workplace' if there is a REAL product -- teachers are replacing correctional officers at reform schools, absentee parents (let's forget their highlights and extensions that take hourse to do)who DO NOT want to raise the children that they created, and magicians who are supposed to magically teach English to students whose parents refuse to learn and speak English themselves. But, perhaps yeachers CAN, in the end, follow the business model adored by this city -- we can lie and get rewarded for it or just keep smiling -- "because the boss loves idiots!"

If teachers were to strike for ONE day, I'd wager that crime would increase by at least 50% in 24 hours.... Get real!

Can't write my name because my job might be in jeopardy...Guess this is your brand of 'freedom' too.