Thursday, September 17, 2009

School Footprints: DOE Favors Charter Schools

This is the document that DOE supposedly uses to decide whether there is space in schools to put new schools into the building, and then decide how to apportion the space between schools. Many people have critiqued this document, as the class size and cluster room standards are hugely inadequate. It often leaves support services and special ed services taking place in hallways and closets.

It also allots more space to charter schools than to regular schools with the following rationale:

“Determination of administrative space for charter public schools must consider the back office support structures that charter schools are required to have in place to support operations.”

Posted by Leonie Haimson

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Bestmedia said...

I am always in favor of what is best for children, this is not about a fear of competition or any other piece of propaganda that is for sale out there; blindly attacking public schools in favor of an untested and bias alternative for no substantiated reason is not education reform and it is not what is best for children. It is a power grab and attempt to push forward an agenda and ideology that privileges some while subordinating others. This kind of class warfare has no place in public education and must be stopped!