Sunday, February 15, 2009

NY Times: Bloomberg Si, Chavez No!

Who's the Real Dictator, Chavez or Bloomberg?
At least the Venezuelans get to choose!

NY TimesEditorial
Venezuelans' Right to Say No
Published: February 13, 2009

"Hugo Chávez apparently doesn't believe Venezuelan voters, who just
more than a year ago rejected his bid to eliminate the term limits
that are blocking his continued rule. On Sunday, he is giving them
another chance. For the sake of Venezuela's democracy, they should
again vote no on changing the nation's constitution. . . . .

Voters should not yield. Mr. Chávez needs to be reminded that
Venezuelans believe in their democracy and cherish their right to say no."

NY Times Editorial
Term Limits and the Council
Published: October 22, 2008

"The City Council is expected to vote on Thursday on Mayor Michael
Bloomberg's proposal to revise New York City's term-limits law. The
proposal would allow the mayor and most of the city's elected
officials to run for a third four-year term. We urge the Council to
approve it. . . .

We are fully aware that this proposal has stirred great controversy,
not least because New York City voters twice voted for term limits, in
1993 and 1996. . . . . . "

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