Friday, January 16, 2009

The Missing Heart: Chronicles of an Educator

It was by accident that I found your fascinating site, Education Notes Online. How can I add my two cents to the discussion? I'm one of those individuals who actually lived the whole No Child Left Behind system from a school administrator's perspective.

I was a high school assistant principal who resigned last year because I could no longer condone what we were doing to our students. Test mongers---that's what we had become. After listening to dozens of pleas from students, parents, and teachers, I tried to convince my principal and the district that what we were doing was wrong. That experience was like climbing Mount Everest...and I fell from the mountain hard.

I made a public stand before the school board in April, 2008 and eventually wrote a book about the whole experience. The school politics, unscrupulous administrative practice...all done in the name of Florida's FCAT. Teachers called me, relishing in the fact that somebody had the guts to finally write such an expose.

Book is called "The Missing Heart: Chronicles of an Educator" ( Just recently released, it's doing quite well. Being read across the country from California to New Hampshire to Georgia and Florida. The reviews on Amazon tells me that there are people who are very concerned about what educators are doing to children.

Teri Pinney

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