Monday, October 13, 2008

Attempt by SEIU in partnership with the PR govt. to replace the militant FMPR


Please be advised -- the FMPR(Federation of Puerto Rico Teachers) Support Committee -- NY will be demonstrating in front of SEIU's NYC office buildings this Tuesday, October 14 at 5PM. We will denounce the actions of SEIU's leadership in Puerto Rico, including their betrayal of 42,000 striking teachers earlier this year and their subsequent raid against the teachers' bargaining representative, the Federacion de Maestros.

Now they have successfully excluded FMPR from competing in the ongoing elections for representation. Teachers have a choice to vote yes or NO to representation by SEIU -- we say vote NO! An election with only one slate is a SHAM!

Andy Stern, Dennis Rivera, and the other "chupacuotas=dues suckers" have shamelessly broken solidarity and turned viciously on a sister union. Shame on Stern! Shame on Rivera!

Please join us this Tuesday, October 14 at SEIU's NYC offices on 42nd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues at 5PM as we denounce the anti-worker and imperialist actions of SEIU's leadership and reaffirm our solidarity with the fighting Federacion de Maestros de Puerto Rico!

Protest the Election Sham and the Complicity of SEIU's Leadership

Oct. 14, Tuesday
5pm to 7pm
at SEIU Offices - New York
42nd Street and 8th Avenue

Denounce the Fraudulent Teacher Elections and The SEIU Leadership's Complicity & Raiding in Puerto Rico!

We demand objective observers!

Support the "NO" Vote!

WHERE: SEIU NYC Offices - 330 W42nd (8th and 9th Av).

WHEN: Tuesday, October 14 at 5PM

En solidaridad,
Angel Gonzalez
FMPR Support Committee - NYC

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