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SOS Update

On the March to Save and Transform Public Schools  

August 9, 2012
Dear Save Our Schools Supporters, People's Education Attendees, and Persons Interested in the SOS 2012 Convention Event...

If you registered for the Convention you received a thank you letter earlier. Two such acknowledgements cannot fully express our appreciation.  Besides which, we are well aware that thousands of persons, who were unable to travel to DC, were and are indeed, a large part of what makes Save Our Schools powerful.

We want to thank all of you for a successful event, your energy, efforts, and the energy you expend to make our community strong!

As you know, on August 3rd through August 5th many of us gathered together for the People's Education Convention 2012.  While the intent, to strengthen the foundation first built in 2010 - 2011, differed from that of last years massive March and Rally, the result was similar.  The gathering fueled the fire in a fight to Preserve and Transform Public Education.

Save Our Schools understands that the decision to attend or not to attend the People's Education Convention 2012 was not made lightly.  Time and expenses were serious considerations.  Commitment to the cause did not wane whether you traveled to Washington DC or did not. We thank you for your consistent and constant support!  Without you our children, public schools, and communities barely stand a chance. With you we can move mountains.  Your ability to communicate is everything. We reciprocate with a special thank-you to all those who helped bring the event together...

Keynote Speakers Jonathan Kozol and Nancy Carlsson Paige each expressed their sentiments aloud. Each felt inspired.  Jonathan mused that while the travel was physically tiring, he was energized.  The people, the conversations, the connections, all moved him. Nancy reflected, "The convention gave me hope. Thank you everyone. It was an uplifting experience, we won't be stopped."  Indeed, the People Convention experienced was powerfully phenomenal. 

Deborah Meier was encouraged.  She reflected on the hills we climbed and the precipice we stand on now.

Shanta Driver brought Convention Goers to their feet in applause, when she spoke of Education as the "new civil rights movement." Through anecdotes, Driver shared that she found inspiration through activism, students and Save Our Schools activism.

Rose Sanders both closed the 2012 Convention and opened the door to opportunities.  She spoke of how current corporate education reforms are pernicious attacks against our precious children.  Inspired by Gideon, Faya Rose Sanders reminded an expectant and eager Save Our Schools audience that strength is not always found in numbers. Small as we are, we can move masses, and so the People's Education Convention did.

Your participation in this voluntary Movement is greatly appreciated. We are grateful to those of you who were able to join us in person through your travel to Washington DC.

Save Our Schools wishes to take this moment to honor and thank the Advisors who work tirelessly, at every hour, for free, and the voluntary Information Coordinators.  No less notable are the Session Speakers who donated their time, energy, and effort to lead workshops and panels. [Please refer to]. 
The Friends of Save Our Schools, and the honorary Assistants who participated on their own dime helped make "The People's Education Convention 2012 and Beyond" sensational.  We share t he names.

The Save Our Schools Steering Committee initiated the effort to solidify the People's Education Principles.  We know we could not have continued on sturdy ground without you.

Advisors who do far more than advise, you act, your wondrous work sustains us all.  Thank you...
* Betsy L. Angert, Social Media [Web Site] "Server," Graphic Designer, and Desktop Publisher
* Becky Smith, Project Coordinator, Convention Organizer

Save Our Schools Information Coordinators, your enduring efforts are invaluable. We wish to acknowledge those who share the wisdom of what is...
* Shaun Johnson [Maryland]
* Sarah Stitzlein [New Hampshire]
* Terry Moore [New Jersey]
* Judy Rabin [New Jersey]
* Liza Womack [New York, Massachusetts]
* Liz Hallmark [New York]
* Rosalie Friend [New York]
* Ken Derstine [Pennsylvania]
* Crystal Swepson [Rhode Island]
* Bonnie Nesbitt [Virginia,]
* Pam Zich [Virginia, Washington, D.C.]
* Adam Heenan [Illinois]
* Anne Pritchett [Kansas]
* Nancy Creech  [Michigan]
* Lindsay Peifer [Minnesota]
* Peg Nicholson [Missouri Arkansas, [Tennessee]
* Vince Marsala [Ohio]
* Sarah Stitzlein [Ohio]
* Carmen Montopoli [Wisconsin]
* Donna Mace [Florida]
* Maria Schrenger [Kentucky]
* Lee Barrios [Louisiana]
* Rachel Bhattacharyya [Texas]
* Katherine Cox [Arizona]
* Emily Crum [Oregon]
* Jane Watson [Washington]
* Becca Ritchie [Washington]
* Susan DuFresne [Washington]
* Sarah McKinney [New Mexico]
 * Tracy Douglas [California]
* Melody Wise [Colorado]
* Bob George [Illinois]

Friends of Save Our Schools, we could not have done all we did and do without you and your generous support.
* Bess Altwerger [Save Our Schools Co-Founder]
* Anthony Cody [Save Our Schools Co-Founder]
* Tracey Douglas
* Emily Gasoi
* Rick Meyer [Save Our Schools Co-Founder]
* Dov Rosenberg

Again, whether your name is listed among those most visibly active in giving rise to the People's Education Convention 2012 and Beyond or not. You, Save Our Schools Supporters, are thanked.  

If you wish to donate to the Save Our Schools 2012 and Beyond 
Cause and/or Scholarship Fund Click...

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