Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Support NAACP Rally/Press Conference Friday at Success Charter Offices

NAACP and Community Rally/Press Conference has been moved from PS 149 to Success Charter Offices at 310 Lenox, between 125th and 126th.   Time is still slightly in flux – 8:30/9 am.

The TRUTH vs. Distortion:
I support the NAACP
For the past 100 years The NAACP has fought for social and economic justice including housing, health care and education. The 1954 landmark Brown vs. Board of Education ruling, which the NAACP fought hard for, said that separate could never be equal and outlawed a system of have and have-nots. The NAACP has never wavered in its fight for equality and equity for all children. Now, because of their stand for all children, they are being criticized by those who seek to only divide our community, pit parent against parent, and profit off our children. We must not allow a practice of separate and unequal to exist in our public school system. Our public schools must be available for ALL children. That is why we support the NAACP’s lawsuit concerning the co-location of schools – we cannot have a system where children who share the same building are treated differently.
Join with the leaders of our community as we say we stand with the NAACP

Charles B. Rangel,                                                                Keith Wright,
United States Representative                                                 New York State Assemblymember
"Education is the greatest empowering force in the world. I support NAACP's efforts to ensure every student in America is entitled to the same opportunities for success--regardless of race, gender, background, or where they live."

“I fully support the NAACP going forward on ensuring quality education for all children.”

Inez Dickens,                                                                        Bill Perkins,
Assistant Deputy Majority Leader NYC Council                     New York State Senator
“The NAACP is our steadfast champion for justice for all. It is imperative that our children who are our future be afforded an equal, free, quality public education. I support the NAACP in their position on this landmark lawsuit.”
"As a life-long member of the NAACP, I am committed to the fight against separate and unequal educational opportunities for our children.  Co-location is an example of this and I have joined the NAACP and the UFT in the lawsuit to correct this unfair unequal treatment of our school children."

Michael Preston,         
New York City Parent
Call EVA MOSKOWITZ and tell her

“I’m a New York City parent and I support the NAACP in their fight for quality education for all”


Join us in supporting the NAACP and standing up for ALL children
Friday, June 3, 2011 • 9:00 am
In front of Harlem Success Academy Offices
310 Lenox Avenue – Between 125th & 126th Streets
New York, NY 10027
For more information please contact Chris High at (212) 344-7474 x104 or


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