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[Key INFO 6]  Judge rules Corporations may purchase Candidates directly
Most voters are at least vaguely aware of a case called Citizens United, where 5 Supreme Court Justices (at least 2 of them owned by the Koch Fascist Empire) ruled that legal fictions, Transnational Fascist Corporations, were the same as living, breathing citizens, and therefore they could finance political messages about Candidates, as secret donors, so long as they were not donating directly to Candidates.

But now, if the decision below on 5-27-11 holds on Appeal to these same corrupted Supreme Court Justices, Fascist Corporations will be able to directly purchase Candidates, with no limits on amounts in their bidding wars.  Candidates will begin to wear Corporate Sponsor Logo Patches, exactly like race car drivers so that voters can tell who is owned by who, not that it will really matter.

Politicians will appear more honest:  The Honorable Koch Judge from Wisconsin.  The Honorable Goldman-Sach Representative from NY.  The Honorable Art Pope State Senator from NC.  The Honorable MobileExxon Governor of Texas.  Etc, etc.

BREAKING: Republican Judge Strikes Down Ban On Corporate Contributions Directly To Candidates

Reagan-appointed federal Judge James Cacheris just ruled that corporations have a constitutional right to contribute money directly to political candidates:
In a ruling issued late Thursday, U.S. District Judge James Cacheris tossed out part of the indictment against two men accused of illegally reimbursing donors to Hillary Clinton’s Senate and presidential campaigns.
Cacheris says that under last year’s Citizens United Supreme Court case, corporations enjoy the same right as people to contribute to campaigns.
The ruling is the first of its kind. The Citizens United case had applied only to independent corporate expenditures, not to actual campaign contributions.
Today’s decision extends beyond the egregious Citizen United decision because Citizens United only permits corporations to run their own ads supporting a candidate or otherwise act independently of a candidate’s campaign. Cacheris’ opinion would also allow the Chamber of Commerce and Koch Industries, for instance, to contribute directly to political campaigns.
If today’s decision is upheld on appeal, it could be the end of any meaningful restrictions on campaign finance — including limits on the amount of money wealthy individuals and corporations can give to a candidate. In most states, all that is necessary to form a new corporation is to file the right paperwork in the appropriate government office. Moreover, nothing prevents one corporation from owning another corporation. Thus, under Cacheris’ decision, a cap on overall contributions becomes meaningless, because corporate donors can simply create a series of shell corporations for the purpose of evading such caps.
American Nazi NeoCons & NeoLiberals who in 1980 began their major thrust to overthrow democracy in America are celebrating victories this Memorial Day Weekend

Being able to purchase Public Officials on the open market could spell the end of having to finance the tea party, since those volunteer Storm Troopers, useful at first, have become a major liability, more and more difficult to control. •> In 2012 campaigns, spoilers from the tea party worry GOP  

Like all conned masses, some are beginning to catch on that they are being used for free to make billionaires out of millionaires.  Some now see that what they think makes no difference to the political process at all. •>

Now that Candidates can be purchased directly like any product, Billionaire Funding and Corporate Funding have been consolidated, essentially making Political Parties meaningless.  Plans are underway to sell Futures Shares in select Congressmen on the Chicago Commodities Market.

Click these links to review resistance •> KochBros Karl Rove Amerikans for Prosperity of the Rich, and FreedumbSmirks.

The first step in this 30-year GOP Master Plan after Corporate Deregulation was accomplished, was for Wall $treet to collapse the Economy, destroying jobs and income for the Middle Class, so that they had no money to give to Political Parties or Candidates.  Causing American Taxpayers go into hock to bail out Big Bank Casino Gamblers was a no brainer.  

Second step was to elect purchased Nazi Puppets into State Governments as Governors and Legislators so that destruction of Unions that had built the Middle Class could proceed.

And third was the Brainstorm put forth by GOP Nazi Paul Ryan to destroy Medicare and Social Security, a diabolical weapon aimed intentionally at veterans Social Security Cuts Put Vets Back in Line of Fire and the elderly because they were the only Americans who could remember that this is NOT what America was founded to be. More here •> Vets Being Sold Out by GOP

Sidenotes: The G.I. Bill signed by FDR was to avoid a Recession after WWII, by Government providing low interest, small business loans to Vets, subsidizing sending a hundred thousand of them to College, and providing up to a year's unemployment payments while they found jobs, in addition to Socialized medical treatment.  This was the best investment Government ever made in its citizens, and it forestalled the Nazification of America for 35 years, until Rethugs and Corporate Fascists gained enough strength to elect an B-grade actor as President.  It also laid the foundation for paying down the huge National War Debt, which did not begin to rise again until Rethug Ronnie Rayguns began Deregulating Corporations, removing them from control by Law.

See •>Proof of Lies told by Supply Siders  Note constant rise during Regan&BushI, fall during Clinton, and steady rise again during BushII.  Obama has not been able to get the Debt under control as FDR did because of Nazi Rethugs collapse of the Economy at the end of NaziBushCheney, and their steadfast dedication to do it again.

The elderly and affected Baby Boomers grew up in an expanding Middle Class that was because of total defeat of Naziism in Germany, Italy and Japan.  Growth of the Middle Class was accelerated by progressive high tax rates on the rich who had benefitted from both the Great Depression & WWII.  

For a few decades after FDR New Dealers built a safety net which allowed the Middle Class to thrive, American Oil Aristocrats who financed Hitler -- like the Bush Family -- simply adjusted their plans and waited, gradually purchasing Nazi Sympathizers elected or placed in key Government Offices in "their" Amerika.

The long advocated GOP Master Plan of ending Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security culls and eliminates the weak, sick, elderly, poor and other undesirables,  Now fully underway, within a generation when Ayn Rand disciple Paul Ryan becomes Fuhrer (or some other Puppet), the population in Amerika will have been reduced to only those Wage Slaves who are working taxpayers.  

•> Read Disabled Abandon Wheelchairs, Protest Medicaid Cuts

How many more will be murdered in the name of saving money while the rich get richer? Annually now fifty thousand die for lack of access to affordable Healthcare.  As long as no one dares call these Private Corporate Death Panels genocide, perhaps no one will have to be shot or sent to gas chambers this time. 

Corporations are such a civilized and non-visible way to kill undesirables.  Once you cannot pay premiums and taxes for enrichment of Fascist Corporations, you are unproductive, and therefore expendable.

Refusing treatment this way to Aids victims will put effective elimination of homosexuals in Amerika back into the GOP Master Plan.  And, like with Hitler's Master Plan, everything will be "legal," passed by some Nazi-controlled Legislative Body.

Naziism by definition is Corporate Control of Government for profit, the exact opposite of a democracy, where the people who are governed control their Government.  The single purpose of launching Deregulation of Corporations in 1980 under the Alzheimer's President was to wipe troublesome Representative Democracy off the face of Amerika, replacing it with total control by the Nazi Wealth Aristocracy and their Fascist Corporations

Throughout human history, when such oppressive control from Kings, Aristocrats, Feudal Lords or Dictatorships has become unbearable, civil order and Rule by Law collapses, a process which has already begun in Amerika with last week's discovery that the current Corporate Controlled Government has been operating electronic systems to spy on American citizens far in excess of what is allowed by Law, and intends to continue, regardless of what Law says. Senators claim secret expansion of illegal Patriot Act surveillance

Perpetual War has been strategically planned around the Globe by the rapidly emerging American Nazi Empire so that wealth may be transferred directly out of Middle Class pockets into the 100% Socialist Military, without the messiness of Congressional approval required by the Constitution.  The Fascist Corporate Military-Industrial-Healthcare-Media Complex is becoming an impregnable fortress, with permanent pipelines sucking taxes and profits from the consumer Middle Class, as was planned decades ago as Trickle-Down and voodoo economics <•  

Now that Wall $treet and Corporate Fascists -- due to Government Bailouts -- have fully recovered even beyond wealth and power levels before their 2008 Global Collapse, in a repeat performance sometime before the 2012 Elections arrive, the 2nd Dip of their Double-dip Recession will be put into affect, to drive at least 50% of Americans effectively into poverty, allowing Corporate Fascists to increase their War Profits by declaring Martial Law in Amerika against anyone who resists. Those too poor to survive will thus be eliminated, purifying the Amerikan race.

Finally, after 30 years of perseverance, all Rethuglicans in Amerika are Nazis.  Electing more Rethuglican Nazis is intended to wipe out the Democratic Party as an effective resistance, which was begun by Rethug rebirthing racist hatred in Amerika.  

All essential pieces of the New World Order Nazi Master Plan are sliding precisely into place, ready to unlock and be let loose, cleverly masked by massively funding and encouraging nut-case female GOP Presidential Candidates to run in order to distract the public from discovering their covert Master Plan ticking away like clockwork.

Think your future over carefully as you take a break to enjoy this last Memorial Day Weekend, when we celebrate those who died in vain for 236 years, believing in the Dream that they were preserving Freedom in America for indefinite generations to come.  Your children and grandchildren shall live under Corporate Tyranny.

On the other hand, nothing is ever too big to fail.


Unattributed parts of this Article  © 2011  Gene Messick

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