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Symphony Space Screening of Kindergarten Shuffle!

"the craziness that is getting a child into a good New York City school..."
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The Kindergarten Shuffle
Thalia Film Sundays
Sun, Feb 13 at 1:00 pm
Leonard Nimoy Thalia 2537 Broadway at 95th //
#1, 2, 3 to 96 St.; B, C to 96 St. // 212.864.5400
$15 (Not available to Thalia Film Pass holders.)

2010. Douglas Morse. US. 94 min. Color. Documentary Drama

"The Kindergarten Shuffle is one of the most painfully realistic (and I mean that in a very, very good way) movies ever filmed about the New York City school admissions process. I strongly recommend that everyone preparing to go through the process - or who has been through the process and wants to cringe in shock at how universal the experience seems to be - try to catch the film either in the theater or on DVD. I think every parent in NYC should see this movie!" - Alina Adams. The New York Gifted Education Examiner

"I love the fact that the movie started with the family and allowed the viewer to become engaged with them. Hopefully parents walk away with a sense of if you're a caring parent you will find that right place for your child." - Jacqueline Wayans, reviewer for Inside Schools and co-author of The Best New York City Public Schools.

"You gave so much information about what it is like to look for schools in New York City, but also the feelings that the parents go through were beautifully reflected. The movie was like a book I could not put down. Highly recommended!" - Karen Quinn, educational consultant and author of The Ivy Chronicles and Testing for Kindergarten.

"This movie will both make you laugh and cry as you recognize all too well the craziness that is getting a child into a good New York City school. Two amazing performances by the lead actress and child really buoy this deft melding of fiction and documentary. And if you're a couple thinking about have a NYC child, it is REQUIRED viewing!" - William Pace, Professor of Media Studies and Film, The New School

Director Statement by Douglas Morse
I was standing in the playground trying to answer the oft-posed question: what next. If I were Fellini or Truffaut, I'd make a movie about the travails of filmmaking and my many mistresses. Without any of the latter, that seemed a fruitless path. I hadn't anything so interesting or dramatic happen to me in the past couple of years as I joyfully raised my son. Except the year long process of trying to get my four year old son into kindergarten was the most stressful, dramatic, and traumatic experience.

So with pen, paper, and some actor-friends, I set off to chronicle of the previous year of madness. The Kindergarten Shuffle is the result. Not a documentary, though many of the school tours, neighborhood events and information sessions are real. Not a reenactment, for the narrative is freely modified to suit the dramatic needs of the narrative. And Seth and Julia helped shape the back-story and relationship between them in wonderful ways I never could have foreseen.

Director Douglas Morse is a professor at The New School in the department of Media Studies and Film. He has two films in distribution with Films for the Humanities and Sciences. Everyman, based upon the Medieval Morality Play, is a best seller. The Merchant of Venice is highly recommended by Educational Media Reviews. His next film is an adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's The Jew of Malta for which he received a faculty development grant.

This is a benefit screening for the River Park Nursery School.

River Park Nursery School has been providing the West Side community with quality early childhood education since 1967. With an emphasis on whole child development, including all aspects of physical ,emotional creative and intellectual development, River Park creates an atmosphere of community, non-violent problem solving, multicultural appreciation and gender equity. A strong focus is placed on academics, enabling children to explore math, science, social studies, reading and language arts through creative play. All holidays are celebrated as opportunities for cultural exploration. In addition a strong emphasis is placed on school/community involvement including an annual bazaar featuring discounted clothes and other items to assist families who might have constant budgetary concerns. School facilities include a spacious classroom setting, a fully enclosed backyard playground and indoor climbing equipment for rainy day recreation. River Park is a parent cooperative, where teachers and families work together to meet the fund-raising, maintenance, organizing and culture-sharing activities. Because of River Park's well established history, a net work of alumni families is available in virtually all public and private elementary schools in the neighborhood to answer questions of graduating students and their families. River Park is open to children 2.8 -5 year olds and offers a first-come first-served, non stress admission process.

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