Monday, May 17, 2010

Puerto Rico Student Strike Update

Victory to the Puerto Rico struggle for Public Education!
Victory ot the UPR students united with workers!
No to tuition hikes, layoffs, cutbacks, privatization, repressive laws & actions, ... in PR and here in the US!
For live radio coverage, music, culture of the 21 day student takeover/strike at University of Puerto Rico campuses
against neoliberalist attacks on public education on the US controlled colony island, go to:
please forward to your spanish listeners.
Solidarity and Victory to University of PR students and working class!
There is talk that the student university strike will precipitate a nationwide PR workers general work stoppage or strike.
Reports are circulating of riotous police shock troops (shock police) beating up on some peaceful protesting students, parents
and workers.. The police are mobilizing today against the students and labor has begun to mobilize in support of the

Be on the alert for solidarity actions here in NYC early next week.

Angel F. Gonzalez, GEM y Red de Apoyo a Los Trabajadores de Puerto Rico


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