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Rochester Demo Opposing Mayoral Control

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April 25, 2010
WHAT: Protest & Demonstration
WHEN: Thursday, April 29, 2010 ------ 5:00 PM ------ 5:00 PM
WHERE: Near Brio Wine Bar & Grill (Pittsford Colony Plaza, 3400 Monroe Avenue)
WHY: To show opposition to Joe Morelle's, Robert Duffy's and David Gantt's
unprincipled and undemocratic efforts to shove MAYORAL CONTROL
of the Rochester City School District down the Rochester community's
collective throat --- without even talking to us.
WHO: Community Education Task Force
Contact: Brian Erway and/or Tim Adams at:
Tim Adams was quoted as having said "Clearly members of Rochester's and Monroe County's ruling class elite don't have to think twice about spending $500.00 to participate in a two-hour party and fundraising event for Joe Morelle --- while at the same time --- RCSD students and parents are worrying about the possibility that their schools' budgets are going to be cut so deeply that the rhetoric of them supposedly being guaranteed a 'sound basic education' --- becomes just that --- mere empty rhetoric. Yet these same wealthy people who are capable of raising hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in a couple of hours --- want to deprive predominantly poor, black and brown Rochester citizens of their rights to elect their representatives to the Rochester Board of Education. This is amazing --- truly amazing!"

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