Monday, January 04, 2010

DOE’s response to Jim Devor, head of CEC D 15 –

See DOE’s response to Jim Devor, head of CEC D 15 – saying that the joint hearings on changes in school utilization and closings do not preclude questioning – contrary to what the DOE public notices may say. Hope other parents, CECs and SLTs take heed.


Thank you for your email and Happy Holidays.
Regarding the PAVE Academy Charter School / PS 15 Patrick F. Daly Joint-Public hearing:

1. The Joint-Public Hearing protocol does not preclude questioning. DOE representatives will be prepared to respond to questions.

2. On December 15th 2009, PAVE Academy Charter School was informed by the DOE and the School Construction Authority that their application to the Charter Facilities Matching

Grant Program was accepted. The DOE has approved the application for matching funding of up to 67 percent of approved capital-eligible costs which shall not exceed $25,933,333. I

have attached the Request for Qualifications and Proposal for the Charter Facilities Funding Program 2010-2014 for additional information about the program.

3. We will work with Mr. Robertson regarding your requests for Annual Reports and Form 990s. Please note that we are happy to help to collect these documents but they are not required to have for the joint public hearing to be scheduled or take place.

Given that we commit to working towards these requests I hope that we can now move forward with confirming a date the Joint-Public Hearing. Please confirm a date between January 11th 2010 and January 25th 2010 that will be convenient for you and we will confirm with the SLT and designee.

Thank you,


Courtney W. McNally

Office of Portfolio Planning

NYC Department of Education

52 Chambers Street

New York, NY 10007

(212) 374-4136 (W)

(212) 374-5761 (F)


As requested by Anita Skop, the following are the written "demands" of CEC-15 with respect to the conditions necessary for its co-sponsorship of the "hearing" on the PAVE Academy's application for an extension of its co-location at the Patrick F. Daly school:

1. Tweed MUST allow questioning (at least by Hearing Sponsors) of the actual DOE proponents/decision-makers of the proposed extension of PAVE's co-location.

2 Either in their presentation or in response to questions, the Presenters must provide an explanation of the construction process AND funding of the new PAVE Academy building (including the ownership/control mechanism for said premises).

3. Timely ADVANCE submission to the Hearing co-Sponsors of all required reports/memoranda submitted to the Chartering Authority and the Department of Education (including supporting documents) as well as the the Annual Reports of the PAVE Academy's Sponsors/Governing Board along with the Form 990's submitted by said entities over the past three years.

If you should have any questions or otherwise wish to discuss this matter, please feel free to call me at: (212) 363-0619. Regards,
Jim Devor; President, CEC-15

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Health-news said...

Where do their kids go to school? If they don't attend public schools then I see a problem.

Who the hell put these scumbags in the DOE?

The parents and others concerned need to lobby their state legislators and Governor. And they need to make life miserable for those in the DOE.