Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chicago has had mayoral control and the EEP model of "reform" for 13 years...

... so why are these people boycotting the schools and trying to register kids in schools in nearby suburbs where there are actually elected school boards and parent input (and maybe even teacher unions too)? [reprint from 9/08]

Read accounts at TWIE and Prea Prez where Fred Klonsky writes:

"Over a thousand Chicago Public School students plus parents and supporters traveled to New Trier yesterday and were warmly welcomed, according to press reports, by North Shore students, teachers and parents. All see a common need to reform the way schools are funded in Illinois.

All except the governor. Reported the Trib:

Gov. Rod Blagojevich said students “should not be used as political pawns.”

Man, that’s rich. The governor, Speaker Madigan and Senate President Jones have spent their careers using the students of Illinois as their political pawns.

The governor was joined by Mayor Daley who sputtered something about Senator Meeks being selfish."

2009: Bloomberg spends $20 million to get mayoral control.
2015: 13 years after mayoral control: The exact same thing happens in NYC as the people who believed the hype that BloomKlein/Sharpton are leading the civil rights struggle of our times get the real message: they were used politically.

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