Thursday, July 24, 2008

School Leadership Teams

From Leonie Haimson:

The UFT just submitted a brief to the State, in support of our complaint to the Commissioner about the illegitimate way that Klein unlawfully stripped powers from School Leadership teams granted them by state law.

It shows not only how the Chancellor’s revision of the regs related to the rights and responsibilities of SLTs was illegal in terms of its result, but how the process itself was illegitimate – both points that we made in our original complaint.

Amina Rachman, asst. to Randi, has also submitted an affidavit of support, stating that the parent engagement task force that Martine Guerrier ran and referred to in her submission as having helped develop these regs did nothing of the kind, and was not established according to the process required in state law.

I will soon post the UFT brief and Amina’s affidavit on the blog; if anyone would like to read it, let me know.

The following is a short excerpt from the intro, that describes the original state law that created school based management, as well as the “Green Book” that Chancellor Crew developed to guide SLTs in their duties.

Both exemplified a very different vision of school governance than embodied in this administration, with their “top-down” approach – a very different model for school reform that is sadly lacking, on every level, in the current regime.

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