Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ross Charter Letter to Parents

Expansion of charter school is ”necessary to ensure the continued financial sustainability of the school.”

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March 17, 2008

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As the Board of Trustees of the Ross Global Academy Charter School, we would like to take this opportunity to explain some recent programming decisions. The Board and Administration have been working on the program and budget for the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2008. This exercise involves examining all aspects of educational programming, curriculum development, facility planning, regulatory compliance, expansion of grades and the impact these changes will have in the upcoming year on the human and fiscal resources of Ross Global Academy.

It is clear that the focus of our faculty and administration this summer needs to be on middle school, planning for the expansion of grades for next year and on the continued development of the curriculum and professional development of our faculty. Additionally, this expansion is necessary to ensure the continued financial sustainability of the school.

As a result of our analysis of the combination of financial, facility and human resources available to the school, we have concluded that we can no longer offer a Summer Program. This means that no summer program will be offered in 2008. The Board and Administration believe this decision least affects the educational programming that takes place during the school year.

At the meeting of March 13, the Board also decided to continue the Saturday program for the remainder of this academic year, but no longer will require attendance of the students. Dr. Clagnaz has been asked by the Board to conduct a series of focus group meetings that include parents, faculty and students to examine the structure and educational value of a Saturday program for next year and beyond.

We want to ensure the Ross Global Academy Charter School remains financially sound while providing the best programming for our students. While budget and programmatic decisions are always difficult, we believe we have made decisions that least likely affect the educational success of our students as compared to alternative options.

We look forward to a long future where the continued success of the School and its students is the focus.

Stephanie Clagnaz, Ed.D., Principal

Julie Johnson, Assistant Principal

Erin Brown, Director of Operations

Christina Franz, Special Education Coordinator


Nicolas W. Combemale


On behalf of The Board of Trustees

Ross Global Academy Charter School

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