Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Clinton and Obama on Cuba

John McAuliff, Executive Director. Fund for Reconciliation and Development writes:


Finally someone noticed the big contradiction between Clinton and Obama on Cuba.

In a contest devoted to change and restoring America's standing in the world, more attention is deserved for a policy that is as damaging as Iraq in international opinion--as reflected for the sixteen year at the United Nations where the vote last October to condemn our unilateral embargo grew to 184 to 4.

Barack Obama has pledged unrestricted family travel and remittances, not just "easing" Bush restrictions of one visit every three years. He also has called for negotiations with Raul Castro without preconditions.

Hillary Clinton is Bush light on Cuba, seeming to take her cue from Sen. Bob Menendez and her Miami based Cuban American sister in law.Both candidates would do well to listen to the 2/3 of Americans who support normalization of relations and the right to travel to Cuba.

As a first step let's get back to the non-tourist people to people exchanges that Bill Clinton allowed and neither candidate has so far mentioned.

John McAuliff Executive Director Fund for
Reconciliation and Development Dobbs Ferry, NY


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