Friday, October 26, 2007

David Pakter- An Open Letter to Norman Scott

Norman Scott

cc: Randi Weingarten


I note that you have published news of my upcoming second DOE trial on your various websites and the obvious implication that it is urgent that all parties involved in Education issues MUST come together re the NYC DOE's latest and most blatant assault on the First Amendment.

One small favor I must ask of you. My name is mis-spelled literally everywhere it appears on your various pages and links.

It is NOT P A K T A R . It is P A K T E R

TAR should be used as in TAR and Feather Joel Klein, Esq. for crimes against the Bill of Rights as well as for being a common thug and an egotistical bully.

TER can be associated with the fact that no amount of retaliation against me will de-TER me from seeking to obtain Justice in Klein's assault on the United States Constitution as well his never ending attacks on The United Federation of Teachers.

For the record I wish to state here that were it not for the UFT and NYSUT I would have been terminated several years ago. The only reason I am still standing and have survived long enough to see a Second 3020-a Trial is the UFT's never wavering support of my cause, as well as the protections afforded me by the much maligned UFT Contract/s which have thwarted bully Joel Klein, Esq. and his assorted henchman, at every effort to "run me out of town" and out of a school system to which I have devoted 37 years of my life.

I would appreciate your remaining mindful of the above facts.

A teacher such as myself, who does not hesitate to stand up to thugs and bullies such as Joel Klein, Esq. would not survive more than a few months working in 98 per cent of the school Districts in this country where teachers who "stand up" are easy prey and stand little to zero chance of fighting back and/or defending themselves.

I call a spade a spade, Norm, and not a perfumed shovel.

Credit where credit is due. Randi has backed my cause, which is the cause of all teachers, to the hilt. She is up against a vicious, rabid, ruthless set of forces at a time when thanks to a President who receives his messages from God, unions everywhere are under brutal, and continuous siege.

Randi runs on four hours sleep a night and puts in one hundred plus hour weeks. I know of no one who would work half as hard as she does for ten times the salary. But she is hardly doing it for the money, in my humble opinion. In my book, she is a straight arrow. I am still standing because of Randi.

And I of course appreciate your support as well, Norm, as well as the support of Betsy Combier and anyone else for that matter, who believes in justice and fair play and the rights of Labor, everywhere.

Thanks again, Norm, for letting the latest atrocities perpetrated against me be known, remembering that this time it is about far more than me. It is about the NYC DOE and Joel Klein, Esq. crossing the fine line between simply attempting to crush dissent and actually violating the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights

I encourage you in the name of fairness to publish the above remarks as "An Open Letter to Norman Scott" in the same place you published my previous remarks. It would be the right thing to do, Norm. I would appreciate your doing so.

All best regards always,

In solidarity,


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